Five years ago, you dated the nice guy. You thought all was well, everything was perfect but then, it did not last that long. And then, you met the bad guy. Everything was so different that you ended up crying every night and decided to just let things go and to just wait for the right time and the perfect guy. But who is really that “perfect guy” that you should date? Is it the fun, the nice, the bad, the nerd, the weird, the quiet or the cool guy? The answer is none; because truth is, the perfect one is a mix of everything: the one who is fun to be around; nice to talk to; the nerd in gadgets and technologies; someone who knows when to stop and to stay quiet; the one who is cool enough to get along with your adventures and hobbies; and finally, the weird guy who is willing to become weirder and weirder just to make you smile. And when you finally met this guy, there are five things that you should question yourself before you can completely say that the hunt for the perfect guy is finally over.

Trice Nagusara and Seph Cham

1. All he wants is to be with you, no matter what. 

Remember that time when he visited you no matter how late it was or no matter how far it was? If that guy can do anything just to see you, then he is certainly honest with his feelings. Guys have tons of hobbies in life, but when he sets these things aside and spends his time hanging out with you, he is really into you.

2. He sees and treats you as his forever.

Every girl dreams to have someone who is willing to share his forever with her, somebody that sees her as his future and treats her with loyalty, trust and respect. So when the guy you are with now knows how to treat you rightly and keeps on planning things in the future, just for the two of you, then this guy definitely wants to keep and love you forever.

Trice Nagusara and Seph Cham

3. He loves you regardless of your flaws. 

Nobody is perfect. Each of us have imperfect parts in our life and in ourselves, but if he sees those flaws as something that he loves to deal with everyday; if he accepts any of those; and if he thinks that everything about you is the perfect-imperfect kind of thing, then there is nothing to regret for loving him; because you deserve the guy who loves even the worst part of you and not just the best ones.

4. He brings out the best in you.

If he really loves you, he will motivate and inspire you in any way he can. Yes, all of us have weakness point where we get tired of being patient and persevering, but we just need someone to push us and to cheer us up. So if that someone is the one who is causing those sweet smiles on your face right now, then you got the best guy!

Trice Nagusara and Seph Cham

5. He loves to make you smile and laugh.

In the worst days of a girl, chocolates are not the only remedies. We also need somebody to make us realize that everything will be better sooner or later, and someone who will bring back that lovely smile again. That is why, if making that kind of effort is a natural thing to your guy, even on your brightest days, then he cares and loves you unconditionally.

So is he the perfect guy? If yes, then make him feel the same thing. Guys are also like girls, they want to feel and see how much you care and love him, and how much you appreciate every thing he does for you. Now that you got the right guy, prove him that loving you is a reasonable thing and definitely a worth it one. Give him no reason to go but a lot of reasons to stay.

Shot by BJ Pascual

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