Trice Nagusara

Travelling is everyone’s favorite life drug, however, before the fun starts, part of it is the challenging task of packing – well not much for men but certainly for women. With so much stuff that girls want to bring, they tend to forget which really are the important ones, particularly when they have some unfinished work to do and got no choice but to bring it with them. Hence, I listed the things that you should bring to keep you productive and entertained on your trip, and to give you the convenience that you wish.

Trice NagusaraTrice Nagusara

1. Power Bank

In this digital age, bringing a power bank with us wherever we go is undoubtedly a must, because not checking our social media accounts for just a few hours is impossible for some of us. Thus, our phone’s battery is not that dependable anymore especially when we are about to hit the road. And of course, packing tons of power banks is never a convenient thing to do. Hence, we should opt for only one that is sure to be reliable. So, I recommend this stylish power bank from Ye!! It has 11,200mAh power capacity and it comes with a case where you can also access the charging ports at the side part of it.

Trice Nagusara

2. Earphones

A day without music is unimaginable day for most of us. Considering the stress of the load of work and some serious silence, hearing some great music definitely helps a lot, which means taking high quality earphones with you certainly something you should not forget about. But if both style and quality are what you look for, then check out these black and gold earphones from Elecom.

Trice Nagusara

3. Laptop case

Laptop is one of the precious things we want to keep safe and sound; because when anything happens to it, I am pretty sure we will end up having a broken heart. And so, keeping it secure is our top priority especially when travelling. Thus, we make sure to protect it with laptop case and bag, but which brand does really assure the protection you want? I believe it is this laptop case from Tech 21 (check out my review here).

Trice Nagusara

4. Laptop bag

Who wants to wear that freebie laptop bag when you can sport a stylish one? This laptop bag that I got from Elecom changes the way laptop bags look like. Its look, color and texture absolutely create a classy impression.

Trice Nagusara

5. Eyeglasses

On the other hand, your laptop is not the only one that you should take care of, but your eyesight as well. Wear these laptop glasses to cut about 50% of the blue light display, which somehow protecting your eyes from getting damage.

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