They say style is a way of saying who you are without speaking; a way of presenting yourself to a stranger without a word just your whole outfit and your optional smile. Thus, before stepping out of the house, one makes sure to opt for the appropriate getup that builds the image that he or she wants to represent him or her for his or her entire day – either something that says “Hey! I live my life productively and spend most of my days in the office.” or something that tells “Whatever! I don’t give a shit of what you think.” But either of the two, black and grey always solve the problem which makes dressing up easier even to someone who loves wearing vivid colors like me.

Trice Nagusara

On Trice Nagusara: Top Bayo | Trousers Plains and Prints | Hat SM Accessories | Shoes Kartell

Trice NagusaraTrice Nagusara

Colors are not just fashion accents but they are also fashion bliss. They give life to dull shades and can create a fun and attractive output when the vibrant hues are put up together in one ensemble. That is why, whenever I sport plain components, I focus myself to each of its colors and silhouettes. Similar with what I did to this outfit, instead of wearing a pair of black trousers, I opted for a vivid shade of blue and sported a pair of bright red flats. Even though I picked the vibrant hues, I assured that the colors were contrasting and make a good combination.

Trice Nagusara

On the other hand, to shape a fine balance between colors, I wore a grey top and a black floral hat.

Trice Nagusara

On the contrary, If I sported merely black and grey components or if I opted for black flats instead of red would it still be as appealing as this ensemble? It is always fun to wear vibrant shades but it will be more fun if you become brave in pairing them with each other instead of constantly matching them with black, grey or white. So this summer, I challenge you to have that courage and be creative in mixing and matching those vivid colors as you welcome the summer heat. Forget those monochromatic outfits and make your summer look more delightful with vivid colors!

Shot by Seph Cham

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