Sophistication is one of those knotty words that can be interpreted into different pieces of terms and phrases. Fame, money, image, fashion and reputation are some of the words that build the identity of sophistication that when seen as a whole, they only mean two things: wealth and character. Because we live in the world where every eye intends to judge, physical look got an important role in gaining trust and respect from each person we meet or even just from the random people we bump into along the street. With tons of ways to put an ensemble that will standout among the crowd, failing to attain the look of elegance is already too impossible –and by elegance, I mean floral prints, heels and neutral shades.

Trice Nagusara 2

What I’m wearing: Top from Camaïeu | Skirt from Apartment 8 | Heels from Loslandifen | Hat from SM Accessories | Necklace from SM Accessories

Trice Nagusara 3

Muted colors always share a huge part in creating a smart ensemble because simplicity is also essential for this kind of outfit. Matching prints, particularly floral prints, to neutral colors like white adds a twist of alluring look and also balances the boldness of the prints yet somehow maintains its classiness.

Trice Nagusara 1

Summer gives us a lot of styling opportunities to try something that is not commonly done or worn before. That is why if fedora hats are usually use whenever we are in the beach or paired only with our casual wear, now it can also be part of your semi-formal attires just by making sure to choose the right color that will flawlessly match to your whole outfit.

Trice Nagsuara 4

Photos taken by Seph Cham

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