Let’s get real that no matter how stylish we are, there are days when all we want to wear is something basic and cozy, which we usually call as our “lazy days”. Lazy days can be described as the days when plain shirts, shorts and sneakers are the best combination to complete the ensemble; but the question is, does it have to be plains and shirts?

Trice Nagusara La Petite

What I’m wearing: Top from Flea Market | Denim shorts from Topshop | Sneakers from Keds | Sling bag from Terranova | Cap from Flea Market

Trice Nagusara La Petite

Lazy days are so much linked with shopping days, hangouts and errands. And by just imagining how hassle these days can be, we could already have an idea why simplicity of outfit is usually perceived when we first hear the words: lazy-day. However, we should know that simplicity should not limit us to wear other apparels that are still simple or basic but are not shirt or even tank top.

Trice Nagusara La Petite

Whether in making a plan or in choosing the clothes to buy, substitution will always be there in case something appears that might hinder the idea of the first plan. And similar with this, substitution can be made to your usual “cozy” apparel like this button-down top that I’m wearing. Since it is not fitted and its fabric is comfy enough to wear even during sunny days, it can already be your replacement to your basic tee. And another thing about this top is: it is one of the clothes that can be paired not only to shorts but also to jeans or even skirt.

Trice Nagusara La Petite

Nothing beats the cuteness of a pair of Keds sneakers! And the good thing with these is: aside from the flexibility of these to any kind of style –whether basic or chic clothing –they are also comfortable to wear even throughout your errands day. And for me, Keds is the best brand for sneakers that will certainly complete my lazy day ensemble!

Cherry Mobile P1

And speaking of cuteness, here is something I really want to share to my readers particularly commuters! Cherry Mobile has again painted a smile on the face of its consumers –specifically girls –as they produced another cute phone after their Cherry Mobile P1i. With improved quality and specs, Cherry Mobile introduced Cherry Mobile P1 mini to the masses.

And if you think that its capability is only limited, you have to think again! Cherry Mobile P1 mini is not as ordinary as you think because of its remarkable usefulness: It can be paired to your smartphone using Bluetooth to make a call or to answer incoming calls and texts from your smartphone through your Cherry Mobile P1 mini –which is good especially when you are taking public transportation. This feature is known as Smartphone Remote Dialer. Unfortunately, it does not work to iPhones and only works to Android phones that have Bluetooth.

Here are Cherry Mobile P1 mini specs:

  • Single sim
  • Smartphone Remote Dialer
  • Dual Band GSM (900/1800 MHz)
  • 1.77” QVGA LCD 176×220 pixels
  • VGA camera
  • Music Player (MP3)
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Built-in battery
  • Smartphone SMS viewer
  • Micro SD slot (up to 4GB)
  • Price: 799php

Photos by: Seph Cham

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