Roses are red, violets are blue, when lace becomes part of your outfit, you know it will always look best on you. Agree or not agree? I know most of you will agree on this; because even you wear them bare, laces can always give a twist of stylishness. It might sound too girly, but laces are also flexible by just putting up an ensemble that has a proper balance –whether a sporty or feminine kind of outfit.

Trice Nagusara La Petite 3

What I’m wearing: Top from Alison Bel | Skirt from Terranova | Shoes from Nike | Sling bag from Adidas | Necklace from SM Accessories

Trice Nagusara La Petite 2

Pairing laces to your kicks sounds impossible for some, but for the brave souls this is just an easy-peasy if you will just know the right type of clothes to wear. A-line skirts like skater skirts, pencil skirts like bandage skirts, and flowy or fitted dresses are the apparels that can make this kind of outfit possible –but don’t forget that the length can also give a huge impact, so better choose dresses or skirts that have length above the knee.

Trice Nagusara La Petite 1

If lace can already share a chic look to your outfit, what more when it is also a cropped top? This top from Alison Bel is the perfect example of combined lace and cropped top. Through the touch of this top, a unique and fashionable sporty casual outfit can be made.

Trice Nagusara La Petite 5

Trice Nagusara La Petite 4

This bag from Adidas has the combination of cute and sporty that is rare from the other sports brands. Through its polka prints, it reached the look of simplicity and stylish, and somehow maintained the sporty personality of the brand.

Trice Nagusara La Petite 6

Trice Nagusara La Petite

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Photos by Seph Cham

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