Maybe the oldest but verily one of the stunning prints in the fashion industry. From being the only print during the ethnic era, this print found its way back into fashion, but this time with vibrant colors and canty prints, and became known as the Aztec prints. It is commonly misconceived that these prints are difficult to style and wear, but truth is, they are flexible that you can pair them with absolutely anything and in any season. However, these prints are still not embraced by everyone yet, but with neutral colors, it will be a lot easier to wear and welcome them. So for starters, wear Aztec prints that have muted shades then style them just like your denims, but for chicer ensemble, I will share with you the four things I always keep in mind when styling Aztec prints.

Trice Nagusara

Prints are basically one of the things that give accents to plains; hence, you pair your clean tees or basic bottoms with prints. It is given that lazy days cannot be obviated by anyone, which is why each of us got those basic tees and bottoms in our closet, but remember, lazy days are not everyday; because on the other days, what you should sport with prints is stylish and definitely not basic. How? Firstly, add texture. Aztec prints, or even the other prints, look amazing with laces, suede, leather, silk, fringes, etc. These fabrics will give additional accent to the print, and will also add touches of charms especially that you are only sporting dark shades of Aztec. So considering these thoughts, I opted for white laced top. It might look simple, but its texture gave a different appearance to the skirt, which made it look chic and elegant.

Trice NagusaraTrice Nagusara

Secondly, mix it with prints. Yes, there is so much going on in Aztec prints, so just cherry-pick the right print to match with it – the one that is not as crowded as Aztec. How about thin striped top? I think the outfit will look fab!

Thirdly, wear your trendiest boots or sandals. In my case, I donned these strappy sandals I got from Mango (my new favorites!). For me, Gladiator sandals have a way of completing the whole outfit in a chic and sophisticated way. They are the kind of sandals that no matter how simple your clothes are, you will still end up looking fashionable. So why not accentuate your Aztec print with this stunning pair?

Trice Nagusara

And lastly, practice moderation. It is fun to experiment and don whatever print or apparel you think will suit the outfit, however, it is important to keep things simple and to practice moderation especially when you opted for a print on print ensemble. Remember, sometimes the simpler you wear it the more elegant your outfit will be.

Trice Nagusara

Skirt Shana | Sandals Mango

Shot by Seph Cham

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