Doses of art, creativity, talent and passion were what filled us up the moment we got to BenCab Museum. It was our last day in Baguio; hence, making it worthwhile before heading back to Manila was our main goal and so, visiting BenCab Museum seemed to fit the bill.

Trice Nagusara BenCab 03

Trice Nagusara BenCab 01

As expected, every artwork was a stunner and of course, a masterpiece in its own unique way. Each has stories to tell and everything was a heartfelt piece. There were some that caused confusion because of their bizarre look, but meaningful things were actually behind them.

Trice Nagusara BenCab 12

Trice Nagusara BenCab 06

A variety of wood carved human beings and animals can also be seen in the museum, which were said to be the representation of ethnics’ beliefs and cultures during the ancestral period of Cordillera region. Those were one of the things that caught my attention because of the different dogma and ideology that for me were really riveting; the view of the artist’s personal collection of rice gods, known in the vernacular as bul-ol, and native implements that evidence the rich culture and traditions of the Cordillera region were really admiring.

Trice Nagusara BenCab 05

Trice Nagusara BenCab 02

Trice Nagusara BenCab 04

BenCab museum also offers a venue for art shows and exhibits. During our visit, the area was comprised of different artworks of students. Each was colorful, modernistic and entertaining because of their fun expression of trends and a combination of traditional and contemporary activities.

Trice Nagusara BenCab 08

Trice Nagusara BenCab 07

On the other hand, of course, Scrap Artworks were also there to amaze the guests. Just like the other paintings, some Scrap arts should be given enough focus to utterly understand the message.

Trice Nagusara BenCab 09

After almost two hours of oohs and aahs in the different galleries of BenCab Museum (BenCab Gallery, Cordillera Gallery, Erotica Gallery, Sepia Gallery, Philippine Contemporary Art Gallery 1, Philippine Contemporary Art Gallery 2, Maestro Gallery, Print Gallery, Patio Salvador and Larawan Hall), we headed straight to its coffee shop called Cafe Sabel to have a quick rest.

Trice Nagusara BenCab 10

Outside of the cafe, an overwhelming view of the museum’s garden with a duck pond, organic farm with an aviary of local and imported fowl, and a mini-forest with an eco-trail, can be seen while enjoying a cup of hot coffee or chocolate.

Trice Nagusara BenCab 11

(Right photo | from the left: Seph Cham, Me, Ana Gonzales and Sarah Tirona) And… of course, we took advantage of the view and had our group photo!

Trice Nagusara BenCab 18

After few minutes of break, we went back to the van then immediately hit the road to buy some souvenirs and pasalubong in Mines View Park.

Trice Nagusara BenCab 14

Trice Nagusara BenCab 16

Actually, there was also other reason why we went there: to buy some cacti! Choosing which to get was a bit difficult because everything was pretty! Nevertheless, I chose Rose Cactus, Zebra and the usual types of cacti.

Trice Nagusara BenCab 13

And while I am busy in my cacti shopping, somebody was having a food trip session.

Trice Nagusara BenCab 17

Afterwards, we went to Good Shepherd to buy some Strawberry and Ube Jam! Yum!!!

Trice Nagusara Baguio 19

Then, right after our pasalubong shopping we went back to Azalea Residences to pack our things and around 5:00 PM, we headed back to Manila. My stay in Baguio was a fun, interesting, challenging and meaningful experience because of the fun to be with people around me and of course, because of the incredible place and view that I have witnessed once again after a couple of years. Too bad we had to get back that early, but of course, this was never a goodbye!

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BenCab museum is located at Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet. It is open daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM except Mondays. The entrance fee is just Php100 or US$2.50, but if you are a student or a senior citizen, bring your valid ID for discounts! For more information, visit BenCab museum’s website: http://www.bencabmuseum.org

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