Love comes in mysterious ways; no warning, no schedule and no pattern to follow, it just happens whenever, wherever and whoever it wants to no matter how wrong or right the timing is. That is why, you cannot really tell what your future will be, who will be with you until the end and who will love you truthfully and unconditionally. But before love becomes visible in the picture, it is attraction that occurs first. And what catches our curiosity the most is when tall guys always find short girls attractive, and for some reason, that kind of connection never fails to create a cute and appealing outcome. With their cute way of dressing up, and the sweet and cute hugs and kisses on the forehead while standing up, their compatibility is definitely a charming one, which also proves that similar with age, height does not matter. But what does it really feel like to be in that kind of relationship?

Trice Nagusara and Seph Cham

First, the best of all the best things I love with being in love with a six-footer guy is the warmest and sweetest hug. With my ears on his chest, hearing his heartbeat feels so romantic and certainly music to my ears. And when he wraps his arms around me, everything feels like a protected seal where there is no place for worries and fears. And after his tight hug, I always look forward to his sweet kisses on my forehead.

Trice Nagusara and Seph Cham

Second, the fun moments will always start with me being carried like a baby and I cannot do anything but to laugh and beg. Trust me, when your guy is way taller than you, he never gets used to bully you in many ways that is always and will always involve height issues.

Trice Nagusara and Seph Cham

And lastly, feeling safe and secure is one of the most important things that a girl should feel whenever she is with his guy. Hence, with tall guy right beside you, that is not a problem at all, especially when you are petite like me. Thus, whenever I am with Seph, I am comfortable that I am on the safe side, always.

On the different note, does height attract me? Well truth is, not at all. What matters to me is to feel that unconditional love and happiness to someone that is a keeper and will treat me as his forever. Have I already found mine? Definitely! 🙂

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Shot by BJ Pascual