“What to wear? What to wear, what to wear, WHAT. TO. WEAR?!” Are you familiar with those words? Those are girls’ favorite words every before heading out, and I myself will not deny it since they are part of my every morning dilemma before hitting the road; because aside from finding the right guy, deciding which outfit to wear is the hardest: you have to know which one suits your personality and the one that can get along with your daily activities. Thus, sometimes, girls just opt for the one that they are comfortable with and easy to get along; something that will just need a few pieces of accessories then they are good to go, just like rompers. Whether plain or printed, this one-piece clothing is a throw on apparel that with just accessorizing and layering can already complete the outfit – in my case, I just did the accessorizing part because layering does not count on the month of June in a tropical country.

Trice NagusaraTrice Nagusara

So what I did was to don a belt that has the color that is contrasting with the hue of my rompers. I did not wear too much accessory and just kept the look simple, but if I were heading out for a meeting on that day, I would possibly sport a white blazer for a more presentable look. On the other hand, when it is just your casual day, sneakers and cardigans are the best components to match with it.

Trice NagusaraTrice Nagusara

This versatile one piece can go on different mix ups, which makes playing around with it fun and easier. However, before anything else, never set aside the fabric, size and length particularly petites: always stick to the above the knee rule and never choose the rompers that are made of clingy materials. Take note that these one pieces are meant to be loosely draped around the body while creating a flattering silhouette. So choose only the fabrics like cotton and soft knitted jersey. Then when you finally have the right fit and fabric, you can now do some experiments and make your rompers look chic and stunning whether it is a casual or formal day.

On Trice Nagusara: Rompers Neef Clothing | Heels SM Parisian

Shot by Seph Cham

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