Whether your hair is permed or rebonded, there are still days when you want to do something different out of it. So as you look in the mirror and do different tricks and styles to your hair, you sometimes find it unsatisfying and do it all over again. As a result, hours have passed and you are already running late to your meeting, work or errands. Then there is the domino effect: you got your boss waiting for an hour, you have not finished your errands and guess what, your hair that you fixed for two hours is already ruined and now you are already having a bad hair day (ouch!). So to keep this from happening, here is a remedy from All Things Hair: YouTube channel that covers different video tutorials to provide unique and personalized hair advice for modern day Filipinos.

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Dedicated to addressing hair solutions, ATH is a collaboration between Google, the world’s biggest search engine, global hair brands, Dove, TRESemme, Toni & Guy, Cream Silk, Sunsilk and Clear, and the Philippines’ top vloggers: Angela Nepomuceno, Kelly Misa, Laureen Uy, Nicole Andersson, and James and Phil Younghusband.

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In an information age where beauty solutions can be accessed in an instant, you could very easily tune into a tutorial on Youtube to learn anything from fashion and makeup, to DIY projects. However, with so much information available online, it can be hard to find the answers that you’re looking for. ATH simplifies everything by making it easy to find solutions to your hair needs. Aside from housing hair tips, tutorials and inspirations, ATH also recommends products, provides their information, and also enables you to purchase them on the channel.

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