When somebody asks you to wear a sporty casual outfit, what kind of apparels are you going to pick? Shirt? Tank top? Joggers? Pants? Shorts? How about a button down blouse? The usual style for this type of ensemble comprises of the clothes that could also be seen when going out for sweaty day in the gym, however, for the ones with playful and fashionable mind it always ends with a different outcome –because a person with true passion in fashion never sets a limit and always confident to try new and unique styling ideas. So let me ask you again, how about a button down blouse for your sporty casual get-up? And by the way, I’m not talking about the plain ones here.

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On Trice Nagusara: Top Plains and Prints | Shorts Bershka | Sneaks Adidas

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The whole feature of this style is close to street casual, but the existence of denims, particularly jeans and shorts, makes it differ from street casual. Sneakers, converse shoes, knitwear and caps are all included in the basic tendencies of the look, but button down blouses are unusual.

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Commonly, button down blouses –especially the ones with jewels similar with what I’m wearing –are automatically being paired with flats and heels. They are mostly worn as part of smart casual outfit and normally matched with voguish bracelets, glamorous stilettoes, chic pants/skirt and stunning bag, but how about giving them a different twist? So, I made it become part of my sporty casual outfit. Instead of pairing it with pants and flats, I wore shorts and sneaks while maintaining its basic yet fashionable look through enough styling to keep it from getting boring. How? Here is the hints: proper fit of bottoms, right colors to pair with, appropriate style of the sneaks/kicks and of course, simple but attractive top –you do not want ending up having dull look right? So, rather making it too simple and uninteresting, why not wear a top that can accentuate your whole ensemble?

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To be particular, this top that I’m wearing is what I’m talking about. It already has its own accessories attached on its collar that made it look elegant especially with black. Because of this, its presence is giving an idea to wear elegant and girly bottoms and shoes, which limits most of us to make it one of the pieces of our sporty casual wear, but by looking for plain black shorts and modest sneaks, I was able to put up a sporty casual ensemble together with this classy black top without making it look out of place.

Shot by Seph Cham

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