Life always starts with “You”, not “Us”, not “We” and most especially not “Everyone”. It is just you. Yes it is true that the more the merrier; the more people involve the more exciting it gets, but it will be merrier and more exciting when you learn not to depend your happiness to other people and when you realize how fulfilling it is to stand on your own feet and still achieving each goal you set for yourself. And then when you get home and lie down in bed, there are no worries and emptiness to be felt just happiness and contentment; because if not, then maybe, you should start making room for yourself and start finding that one true love that will make you happy; something that will challenge and improve you; and something that will make the best out of you. Thus, on the day when everybody’s love for each other is so obvious and you are ranting about having no date or being single, why not try to ignore the bitterness and be better by planning out something new, different and something that is made out of pure love and passion. How about… falling in love with something new and letting yourself become happy once again in your life?

Trice Nagusara

Falling in love is everybody’s favorite topic. The topic that makes everyone smile, blush and laugh even there is nothing to laugh about. The topic that we are all excited to talk about. But haven’t you thought about looking love in a different way? In a way that there are no romance and fantasies involved but only with passion and inspiration, and in a way that there are no other people involved but you; because this time, Valentine’s Day is all about the love that you have not given much attention; the love that you should learn before loving someone else. What kind of love? It is the love within you, the love for yourself.

Trice NagusaraTrice Nagusara

In life, there are questions, problems and mysteries that only you can figure out. Which is why sometimes it is good to work things on your own, to do the things you want and love, and to face the challenges even without that knight and shining armor; because it is when you understand that contentment, bliss and strength could also be found within you and not only just when you have your Mr. Right. So try to do things you have not tried doing before or do the things you always love to do but hindered by your schedule. Make space for yourself and follow what you love; because in the end, you will learn that happiness and contentment are the choices we make and not always depend on the love story that you and your partner make.

Trice Nagusara

Hence, this Valentine’s Day, if being single or having no date is your issue, I challenge you to make this day the start of pursuing the things you love to do. I dare you to stop the bitterness because why hate Valentine’s Day when you can see it in a different and inspiring way? See it in a positive manner and be a recipe for love and happiness.

Trice NagusaraTrice NagusaraTrice Nagusara

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Shot by Seph Cham