First impressions are the most lasting, from the way you act, smile and speak, up to how good or bad your smell is, everything leaves a mark and becomes memorable. Thus, whenever I go to events, meet my readers or attend a meeting, I always make sure to make good impression not just through dressing up properly but also by looking and smelling fresh no matter how tired or stressed I am. So how do I do it?

Belo Baby Cologne

I make sure to have my Belo Baby Cologne with me, particularly my favorite scent, Sweet Snuggle! The best thing about it: bringing it around is not a hassle as it fits in my clutch! And because I really love and use this product for quite some time, I attended its event just last week to really get to know the brand that I am using considering how sensitive my skin is.

During the event, I got to meet and bond with different bloggers, as there was an activity prepared for everyone. The guests were divided into three teams: the Cool Drizzle team for cool ladies, Sweet Snuggle team for the sweet ones and Happy Tickle team for happy girls – I chose the Sweet Snuggle team! Each group has one leader and ours was Nicole Andersson.

Belo Baby Cologne

The task given to us was to design our own cupcakes while other teams were making their own bracelets and painting a figurine.

Belo Baby Cologne

Our task was not that easy, seriously! Putting those icings was so hard but looks so easy on how-to videos! Nevertheless, some of my teammates were pretty good at it!

Belo Baby Cologne

After the activity, Belo Baby’s marketing, Cristalle Belo, talked about the product and how safe it is for everyone. So here’s what I learned:

Firstly, Belo Baby colognes are clinically proven and less irritating on the skin, which makes it safe for babies and for the ones who have sensitive skin like mine; secondly, it has glycerin the moisturizes and a chamomile-derived ingredient that soothes skin; and lastly, it is absolutely free of parabens, phthalates and coloring agents.

Belo Baby Cologne

So overall, Belo Baby colognes are hundred percent safe and perfect for all skin types! Hence, there is nothing to worry about if you have skin allergies or skin asthma, as this cologne will not trigger any skin reaction – this is also based on my experience considering that I have been using it for months!

For more information, visit or like their page on Facebook! You can also follow @belobabylove on Instagram and Twitter.

Belo Baby Colognes are available in leading supermarkets, groceries, and department stores. It is also available online on Lazada, Cudsly, and Zalora.

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