Art and fashion are two things that are differently done but being accomplished with same goal and passion. When these two are combined, one great masterpiece can be shaped that definitely creates a package of style and identity. Together with one’s eye for art and taste for fashion, a unique blend of outcome can be produced and something personal can be also created out of it –and this is what Bensimon succeeded during Bensimon D.I.Y. event last August 6, 2014.

Trice Nagusara Bensimon DIY 06

Trice Nagusara Bensimon DIY 01

Bensimon gave opportunity to its fans to turn their favorite pairs into their own masterpieces. Through stamps, bleach, textile paints, brushes, colored pens, beads, needles and threads, Bensimon challenged us to create a pair that will make us proud wearing and will express our personal style and of course, our own personality as well.

Trice Nagusara Bensimon DIY 11

Trice Nagusara Bensimon DIY 02

Trice Nagusara Bensimon DIY 07

So before we start, the staff asked for our shoe size then handed us a pair. The color was randomly picked and it was depend on the availability of the size –lucky me, I got color white!

Trice Nagusara Bensimon DIY 04

The beginning was the difficult part of the D.I.Y. since I was not able to decide immediately on what design I am going to draw, but after few minutes of thinking and looking for some inspiration, I finally started sketching!

Trice Nagusara Bensimon DIY 08

And then, after an hour and a half tadaa! Here is my not-yet-done-D.I.Y.-pair! Too bad I was not able to finish it but I am happy to have a colorful and fun outcome!

Trice Nagusara Bensimon DIY 10

Trice Nagusara Bensimon DIY 05

On the other hand, since Seph could not decide on what design to paint… (Hey, check out that cutie smile ❤)

Trice Nagusara Bensimon DIY 09

What he did was a minimal style with a combination of neutral colors, which was also similar with his personal style.

Trice Nagusara Bensimon DIY 03

How about you? How are you going to make your Bensimon sneakers the shoe version of your own personality or your personal style? 🙂

Bensimon sneakers are available at CommonThread (Greenbelt 5, Power Plant Mall), Rustans (Gateway, Makati, Alabang Town Center, Shangrila), Center of Gravity (Burgos Circle and Centris Walk), Shoe Salon (Glorietta 3, Power Plant Mall Rockwell, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, and Trinoma), and Shoe Thing (Kids styles only: Bonifacio High Street, Eastwood Mall, and Greenbelt 5). Visit for more information.

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