Reveal the girly and charming sides of yours by wearing these floral blossoms that are no shrinking violets as it pop its beauty on every girl’s ensemble or even with guys’. In the Philippines, whether summer steps in or out of the country, these blooms never fail to branch out and give an undeniably stunning look. That is why, from little kids to grannies, these prints would not miss one of their days without appearing to any of their outfits.

Trice Nagusara 1

What I’m Wearing: Top from The SM Store, Skirt from Primadonna and Flats from SM Parisian

Trice Nagusara 2

Busy prints of floral –like what I’m wearing –can already handle the entire look. So the jobs that you are responsible with are: your shoes, accessories and the bottom to pair with it –keep in mind that when pairing blooms, make sure to match it with the colors that compliments with it well.  Muted colors like nude, black, white and gray are best with soft floral patterns, making it look breezy. However, if muted colors are not your pick, the perfect hue for it can be easily determined by cherry-picking a color that your top has. As with my top, since it has a shade of green, green skater skirt compliments with it well.

Trice Nagusara 3

On the other hand, for petites, bold or oversized blooms must be avoided –because small frames like petites can easily get lost in an overpowering print. So for the flattering look, choose small blooms then pair it with A-line skirt –it will be better if it is high waisted to emphasize the shape of your body, and for your legs to look longer.


Treat your weary hands and feet a time to take a break from the piles of work, and spend your time in a worthy nail salon that has a relaxing aura and a high quality of service that will surely give you the best “me-time” that you deserve. And if you are still on the period of looking for that perfect nail salon, Saint Nails is definitely a nail salon that will give you the overall qualities that you are looking for!

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 5

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 6

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 8

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 9

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 10

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 7

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 17

Saint Nails offers a variety of spoiling choices to choose from. But if you really want to have more soothing experience, their Spoil Me Now service is a must try one – it comprises of hand and foot paraffin with manicure and pedicure.

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 11

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 12

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 15

Shining and shimmering nail beads for a dazzling nail art!

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 13

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 14

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 16

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 18

Trice Nagusara Saint Nails 19

And what is more fascinating with Saint Nails? Aside from the “living saint” experience that it can offer, every service that each customer avails has corresponding percentage of sales for their partner community, Gawad Kalinga Silver Heights, Caloocan City, to help in providing a sustainable source of living.

Trice Nagusara 4

And of course, the day will not end without our selfie together! hihi ❤

For more information about Saint Nails’ services check out their Facebook account here.

Photos by: Seph Cham and Rudstin

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