Music is everyone’s mood booster. Whether he or she is traveling, working, cleaning, doing the laundry or working out, good music on the background gives that desire and focus to finish everything. Thus, Bluetooth speaker is one of the things that can be spotted on my desk. Even though I am only using it in my room, still, the quality of its sound is important to me. And because music gives life and fun, I doubled the fun through BlueAnt Ozone Wireless LED Speaker that makes listening to music more entertaining with its light show that pulses and shines in time to the music!

Bluant Wireless Speaker Review

But before the fun part, let us see its quality first. Basically, its body is covered with splash proof rugged soft touch rubberized finish, which makes it not slippery; however, it still moves when plays with high volume music with bass.

Bluant Wireless Speaker Review

In addition, it has one-touch controls for tracks, volume and calls, and has a built-in microphone. What is more, multiple usage modes are available: Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input and MicroSD card – yes, you can play your music via MicroSD card, as it has MicroSD slot for up to 32GB.

For its sound quality, it produces a good bass feature but I noticed how its sound has a bit echo effect but it does not affect too much and actually not that noticeable.

And for the fun part, BlueAnt Ozone Wireless LED Speaker has visual EQ that comes in five different patterns. Plus, it has built-in G Sensor to detect when it is in vertical or horizontal standing as it changes the light show to match.

Bluant Wireless Speaker Review

It also comes with a Siri/Google Now Integration, which made it easier for the user to know when it is connected via Bluetooth or when it already has low battery.

Speaking of which, for its battery, it can last up to five hours of continuous music and light show, which I think is pretty great considering how the visual equalizer drains battery easily.

Overall, with its price of Php3, 950, I can say that this Bluetooth speaker is already a good deal considering its high-quality audio and reliable battery lifespan. Plus, with its equalizer, party can be easily done at home together with party lights and good music!

BlueAnt Ozone Wireless LED Speaker is available in any Digital Walker and Beyond The Box branches. For more details, check out Digits Trading page here.

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