When your normcore sickness strikes your day and night parties have been a demanding event in your schedule, do not let that short-fitted-black-dress-rule control you nor your mood and instead have something rare but stylish. With just the right components to sport and some good mixes that fit your mood, you can finally break your usual style and come up to utterly basic but stylish party ensemble wherein comfort and fun are part of the priorities. Thus, by having the occasion in mind, a casual night party with friends, and by considering your mood and lazy-basic style for the day, I came up with simple, flexible and chic ensemble.

Trice Nagusara

On Trice Nagusara: Top Alison Bel | Necklace Zalora | Jeans Mango | Heels Parisian

Trice Nagusara

Cropped tops are one of the most crowd-pleasing tops during parties and concerts that are usually paired with denim shorts and sneakers. However, when you let basics invade your style and let your feminine identity take a rest for a while, your boyfriend jeans are in charge and your body curves are your outfit identity shaper. How? By pulling off your minimalist cropped top and rugged jeans at the same time.

Trice Nagusara

Stripes are known for their minimalist aura that creates a huge style difference no matter how they are worn. They may be old-fashioned for some, but when sported by petites or by the girls who have slim body, each line creates a powerful silhouette that flatters well their body figure. As a result, opting a fitted cropped top in stripes is definitely a fashion worthy.

Trice NagusaraTrice Nagusara

But to really make that “fashion worthy” trait stable and persistent, one should take note of the length. Why? Because when wearing cropped tops and jeans in the public, too much skin is not that appropriate; hence, you should be wise enough in choosing the proper length. So for me, I opted this cropped top from Alison Bel that has the length that just enough to show a bit of my tummy and which suits well with my low waist jeans.

Trice Nagusara

On the different note, regardless of what you pull off, your heels will always be the bosses: aside from the fact that they are in charge of how long you are going to dance and jump all night, heels are the spice of your outfit and the one who makes the look more attractive. Thus, opting a chic and cozy pair is a must! And this pair from Parisian is certainly an advisable one.

Shot by Seph Cham

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