There is no chill about being a freelancer even our time is in hand; we are hustling every day, even on a weekend. And even though you see me posting a lot of beach and out of town trips, believe me, an hour or few is allotted for work. Plus, I have business to keep active on social media. And so, one of the valuable things I am bringing with me and should always be with me is a laptop.

Cherry Mobile Alpha Shift

Only few things I need from a go-to laptop: light, convenient, can run Photoshop for quick editing and has high memory capacity for photo dumping whenever I forget to copy the photos from my memory card to my external hard drive – all this I found in Cherry Mobile Alpha Shift.

Cherry Mobile Alpha Shift

Cherry Mobile Alpha Shift is not just an ordinary laptop but can also be a tablet as it features a removable keyboard that comes with 500GB hard disk for extra storage for your files.

Its tablet has 1.33Ghz quad-core processor and a HD graphics chip, both by Intel; it offers 2GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage, 1.2-megapixel camera and a 10.1-inch display with IPS LCD technology; and it has micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports are on its side.

Surprisingly, when editing, I did not experience any freezing and crashing, however, it is better to use a Bluetooth mouse instead of its track pad because it is hard to press, which makes photo editing difficult.

Cherry Mobile Alpha Shift

And when it comes to its battery life, a maximum of two to three hours of continuous use is its limitation – it is pretty dependable for me since I use and bring this with me whenever I am traveling in case I need to edit a certain photo for posting, and create and submit a draft for my deadline. But if I will use it for my everyday use where I am working in coffee shops and attending meetings, this might be a problem especially that I do not shut down my laptop most of the time.

As a whole, with its price of 14,499, this one is already good specifically if you are just in need of a spare laptop and just going to use it to do some light work. Editing photos on Photoshop never became a problem for me as long as there is no other programs that are running and I am only editing one photo at a time with just light edits.

Cherry Mobile Alpha Shift

I can say that this Cherry Mobile Alpha Shift is very handy, lightweight and slim, and the texture of the brushed aluminium external part makes it easier to hold, which gives additional points to being a good travel buddy!

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