It might sound complicated, but another way of dressing to impress is matching the colors that you never thought would be so compatible with one another. Pairing colors with neutral shades just to be in safe hands, does not work all the time; sometimes, it only makes the ensemble less attractive. Better safe than sorry is never an excuse to play things safely; because the only way to get rid of life’s dullness is to have time for some adventure –but the question is, are you ready to take it up to the next level?

Trice Nagusara La Petite 1

What I’m wearing: Dress from Shop Thrift Market | Necklace and Belt from SM Accessories | Heels from Cardam’s

Trice Nagusara La Petite 3

Have you heard of challenging yourself to give life’s ordinary routine a different twist? If yes, put it in a way that life is the way you dress up and your ordinary routine is your hobby of wearing muted colors. On the other hand, if no, let me explain to you my point. Wearing a piece of yellow dress does not mean you should be in a pair of beige or black heels –because blue green or pink pumps are way better. Colors are not that horrifying to avoid, but a fun thing to play around; it is one of the ways to level up your fashion instinct, which means being open for new styling tricks to make your look more chic and appealing. So why not try putting up an ensemble that comprises of bright or soft colors and not just black, beige and white?

Trice Nagusara La Petite 4

That is why by matching this dark blue dress with a pair of white and pink heels, I prevented having a flat and tedious outfit and instead created a more fashionable and engaging ensemble. I have nothing against those stunning black or beige heels, but getting stuck on the safe side does not help you to grow and achieve what you want in the first place, right?

Trice Nagusara La Petite 5

Pearls never disappoint anyone in turning a dress from being plain to being stylish and elegant. That is why, if there is one accessory that every girl should have, it should be pearls!

Trice Nagusara La Petite 6

The color combination of white and pink of these heels from Cardam’s created a new sense of fashion in terms of coordinating two soft colors. Pink is not the usual color that we commonly pair with white, but through the balance of the amount of colors it turned out to be sophisticated, and something that you should count in on your wardrobe staple list!

Shot by Seph Cham

212 VIP Rose

Just last June 5, 2014, Carolina Herrera launched the new fragrance 212 VIP ROSÉ, born to be the heart and soul of the best party in NYC. With a fresh, carefree air, 212 VIP ROSÉ injects even more seduction, glamour, emotion and party into the 212 VIP universe. The new fragrance is presented in a sophisticated glass bottle with a degradé effect in matte pink. It is also engraved with a ring and has a magnetic top, giving a fresh, chic femininity to the container. The fragrance is available in 80, 50 and 30 ml formats.

Trice Nagusara VIP 212 Rose 1

This new fragrance is fresh, feminine and sensual and is made up of three accords:

CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ ACCORD: Champagne rosé takes pride of place among the top notes. Like a giggle, pink bubbles announce the festive, carefree tone of the fragrance. Fresh and very fruity.

PEACH FLOWER ACCORD: At the heart of 212 VIP ROSÉ we find peach blossom. These flowers, with their velvety fruit, add delicacy and tenderness to the fragrance. The perfect embodiment of femininity.

QUEEN WOOD ACCORD: Finally, and as the key base note, we have Queen Wood. Queen Wood is an addictive, elegant but subtle woody chord that provides the fragrance with a large dose of sensuality.

Trice Nagusara VIP 212 Rose 1

212 VIP ROSÉ comes in 80ml EDP (PHP 5,700), 50ml EDP (PHP4,400) and 30ml (PHP 3,250) sizes. 212 VIP ROSÉ will be available in select department stores beginning June 2014. Carolina Herrera Fragrances is exclusively distributed by Prestige Brands Philippines, Inc., which represents international designer fragrances in Southeast Asia.

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