Every day is one hell day for most of us; either your boss is giving you loads of work or your deadlines are haunting you wherever you go – the sad part is, there is no escape. So with your Monday to Friday routine and stress, there is no reason for you not to pamper on weekend especially when there are promos and discounts everywhere!!!

Trice Nagusara Nailaholics 03

Thus, after a hectic week, Seph and I went straight to Nailaholics salon where we had our nails and toenails done.

Trice Nagusara Nailaholics 01

Before going on the promo part, let me start first by showing you the relaxing and beach vibe ambiance of the salon. The walls are painted with mellow beach views while the couches are all in blue, green and brown stripes.

Trice Nagusara Nailaholics 02

There is also a couch that is like a canopy lounge sofa that you can see in hotels or at the beach. For me, this is the relaxing spot to have your nails done, but because Seph and I wanted an armrest at both of our sides, we stayed in the couch instead.

Trice Nagusara Nailaholics 07

Look at this cutie kid!!

Trice Nagusara Nailaholics 04

After they had my nails and toenails cleaned, and while Seph was having a foot spa, I went straight to one of salon’s rooms to have my legs waxed.

Trice Nagusara Nailaholics 06Trice Nagusara Nailaholics 05

Nailaholics is using hot wax for all of its waxing services. Here’s a quick trivia for girls: opting for hot wax has a lot of advantages like first, the heat helps to open the pores, which makes hair removal easier; second, it helps to strip hair without irritating the skin; and lastly, hot wax lessens the chance of reddening the skin. So for girls who think that there is no difference between cold and hot wax aside from the temperature (of course!), sorry but there are actually a lot!

Trice Nagusara Pampered and Polished Promo Poster

Going back to the good news, because those stressful days you had deserve to de-stress over the weekend, Nailaholics is treating you a 20% off discount on their Gel Manicure and Pedicure! This promo is only until July 31, so better head over to any Nailaholics branches! It currently has 53 branches nationwide, including in Gateway Mall, Eastwood Citywalk, Cash and Carry Makati, Harbor Point Mall Subic, SM Cebu, SM Bacolod, and SM Lanang. For more information and to get first dibs on promos, contests and other updates, you may follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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