Honestly, writing about every trip I go to takes me forever before I even type the first sentence; simply, because a lot of words, things and emotions are pilling up in my mind and I do not know where to start. But for this trip, let me start with the planning:

Just after we booked our flight, which was last January 2016, we already looked for a place to stay. We had no idea that hotels in Bangkok are cheap so we only considered staying in an Airbnb condo most particularly the one with private comfort room. Luckily, we scored an Airbnb room located at Phra Ram 9 PG Rama 9 that only costed for Php 701 – unfortunately, I cannot share the link because this room is no longer available on Airbnb.

The only problem was: its check in time was 1:00pm and our arrival was 12:00am, so we decided to look for a low-budget hotel that entertains guests at the said arrival time and that is near Suvarnabhumi Airport and also, half-way to our Airbnb. Then, we found this hotel at, which only charges Php 900 per night: Bangkok 68 Hotel link

For those who do not know yet, this trip was actually my first out of the country with my boyfriend so what we wanted was to make each day productive yet fun. Thus, before the trip, Seph (my boyfriend) asked our friends for itinerary advices and for the dos and don’ts. While me, I did some research on the best tourist spots in Bangkok. Afterwards, we combined everything we got and came up with this: Bangkok, Thailand Itinerary link

We arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport at exactly 12:30am (BKK time: one hour later than PH’s). Right after we got our luggage, we headed straight to a currency exchange stall just inside the airport – take note: money exchange inside the airport offers a really bad rate, so only trade enough money for you to expend on your way to your hotel and also for your food. Then, just visit any Super Rich branch (or any money exchange outside the airport) first thing after you settle your things.

The next thing we did was to locate the AIS’ stall, also inside the airport, to buy travellers SIM (here’s the link for more info). This was the one that our friend advised to get but my college friend who is working in Bangkok told us that True Move is cheaper particularly when buying prepaid loads for the Internet.

Subsequently, we headed over outside to catch a cab going to our hotel.

Bangkok 68 Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok 68 Hotel Bangkok, ThailandFor a one-night stay hotel, this hotel was just fine most especially that it is only Php 900/night. Plus, there is a restaurant at its lobby so it is plus points for me because I was starving that night and the food was great!

Bangkok 68 Hotel Bangkok, ThailandThe next day, after we had our lunch at the hotel, we went straight to our Airbnb. After settling our things, we started familiarizing the area through Google maps and also, by asking some directions to our host, James. We walked from our Airbnb to Fortune Mall and Central World to drop by at Super Rich and then booked an Uber to go to True Love Café!

I was really excited to visit this café because of its cute Huskies! Upon entering, we filled up the form given and then paid 350 Baht for each person for the entrance fee, which already includes a free drink and a cake of your choice.

Then, we were assisted to our assigned table and then handed us a pair of plastic shoe cover, which we have to wear before entering the play area. While preparing, a 5-minute video was playing that shows the dos and don’ts during playtime and the personalities of each Husky as well.

Husky Cafe (True love cafe) Bangkok, Thailand

Husky Cafe (True love cafe) Bangkok, ThailandWhen the video was done and everyone was well briefed, we were now assisted to the play area!

Trice Nagusara | Husky Cafe (True love cafe) Bangkok, ThailandEveryone can enjoy an hour of playtime within the caged area. I love how cute these huskies were! But as expected, because I also have a Husky, the Huskies were not that playful toward the guests so if you are scared of dogs, do not worry, they will not even touch you unless you sit beside them and pet them!

Seph Cham | Husky Cafe (True love cafe) Bangkok, Thailand

Husky Cafe (True love cafe) Bangkok, Thailand

Husky Cafe (True love cafe) Bangkok, Thailand

Husky Cafe (True love cafe) Bangkok, ThailandOn the other hand, the cakes and drinks were delish! Chocolate cake, Red Velvet and other flavors are available, so there are really a lot of choices!

Husky Cafe (True love cafe) Bangkok, ThailandBy the way, True Love Café has only two interactive sessions every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12:30pm and 3:30pm. While on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, there are three: 12:30pm, 3:30pm and 6:30pm. I highly suggest that you come on time for you to maximize the one-hour playtime!

By quarter to seven, we headed out and went straight to the Golden Dome for the Cabaret Show at 8:00pm, but because we got there earlier, we had our dinner first at the street foods nearby.

The best thing that I love the most about Bangkok is its street food!! Everything is just so scrumptious …and spicy! Although I am not a fan of spicy food, because of hyperacidity, my taste buds reacted differently! And surprisingly, I did not experience any acidic and allergic reactions! And trust me when I said everything, I mean everything! Because even though we just ordered whatever looks and sounds yummy, because it was really hard to find someone who speaks English, the food that was served was still delicious!

Golden Dome Cabaret Show Bangkok, ThailandAt 8:00pm, we went back to the Golden Dome for the show.

Golden Dome Cabaret Show Bangkok, ThailandThe show was fun …and was not meant for kids (haha!), even though there were a lot of kids watching, which actually bothered me. Nevertheless, we had fun and had a few laughs!

Golden Dome Cabaret Show Bangkok, ThailandBut here is a friendly advice: After the show, just walk straight outside and never ask for a photo with the lady boys because afterwards, they will ask for money in return.

To sum it up, we spent our first day mostly roaming around the area, checking out the True Love Cafe and watching the Cabaret Show at the Golden Dome. We did not put too many activities on this day as we still had to familiarize the area where we stayed, and to take a little rest and prepare for our second day, which was mostly spent in popular temples in Bangkok! So stay tuned for my next blog post for our day two in Bangkok!

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