When it comes to clothes, most women tend to focus more on buying trendy tops and skirts and be experimental with different textures like ruffles, flares and laces. However, when it comes to pants, things are quite opposite: denim, black and khaki pants are women’s go-to, hence, it is becoming their routine to just stick with them and just hunt for the perfect top to go with it. But for me, I think something new is what makes dressing up more exciting and fun! With that, I tried sporting a pair of plaid ruffle pants for my ETC Style Speak interview and also, for my event afterwards.

Trice Nagusara La PetitePlaid and ruffles, one of the most popular combinations of print and texture these days even though it is no longer summer; you can still find Gingham tops and skirts from different brands, and a lot of touches of ruffles on different silhouettes. What is good about it is they are easy to deal with and owning Gingham bottoms give more chances for wearing plain tops such as shirts yet looking fashionable enough for casual days.

Trice Nagusara La PetiteOn the contrary, if you are aiming for an overall look of elegance with ruffle texture and plaid print, note that less is more and balance is important: if you sported a top with layers of ruffles, go for a plain bottom (click “me” for outfit peg); if you wanted to wear frills for your top and bottom, choose the ones that got lesser details like the one I am wearing – my top and pants have frills but only at the cuffs, and the plaid and red shoes served as the accent of my ensemble as it is mostly black. It is fine if you wanted to go beyond your comfort zone by donning full ruffles from head to toe, only keep in mind to not let it overwhelm your body most particularly if you are petite.

Trice Nagusara La Petite

Zara Top and Pants | BATA Heels

Shot by Seph Cham

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