From basic facial treatments to procedures for more serious aesthetic concerns, Flawless seems to have it all. But is this enough reason to love this famed skincare brand?

Skin Professionals Trice Nagusara

For those who are not familiar about Flawless, it is one of the major players in the local skin care arena. Specializing in non-invasive to minimally-invasive (those that use needles, at the most) procedures and products that promise to solve a myriad of skin and body issues, it has been known to be a favorite venue for beauty treats among hip and young individuals, especially among celebrities like Jodi Sta. Maria, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Maxene Magalona and even some members of the Philippine National Rugby Team.

But what is it about Flawless that makes it different from most other beauty chains out there?

Here are five reasons why I continue to go back to Flawless for my regular dose of beautifying products and treatments.

  1. Medical approach to skincare. When choosing a skin care clinic, the first thing anyone should ever look for is products and services that deliver their promises. Flawless offers both in each of its
    36 clinics nationwide and online shop ( Whether it be whitening,
    acne control, or rejuvenating, getting access to their medically-sound and experience-based beauty solutions has never been so easier.
  2. They clean everything.  And I mean everything. Flawless takes cleanliness very seriously. In fact they are the very first company in the country to implement the usage of sealed pouches that contain sanitized tools for every client. In other words, prior to any treatment, each client is asked to carefully inspect and sign a Guaranteed Hygienic pouch that contains all sanitized tools and disposable consumables. This greatly minimizes the chances of complications arising from any procedure and provides the rest of us a great sense of assurance about their practices.
  3. High levels of expertise. The company’s tagline says it all. Powered by Skin Professionals, Flawless takes pride in its people’s ability to diagnose and provide sound recommendations to almost all known beauty issues, however minor or major they may be. Each clinic also has licensed doctors that are willing to provide free consultation to anyone who walks into their doors (doesn’t matter if you make a purchase afterwards or not).
  4. Always innovative. Flawless is known for a lot of firsts. First to come up with an all-in-one IV cocktail, first to introduce use cell-boosting growth factors in its facials and take home products, and most recently, first to make the usage of surgical threads for an anti-aging procedure available to a wider market. Needless to say, it is a company that is always looking for new ways to make the confidence that comes with beauty more accessible for everyone.
  5. It does not discriminate. Flawless is a skincare clinic for everyone—young or mature, male or female. Walk into any of its clinics’ doors and expect to be greeted by friendly people who will gladly welcome any sort of question you may have. It also offers seasonal promos that open more opportunities for everyone to get into its culture of empowered beauty, like the currently running Back 4 More promo.

From June 1 to 30, 2014, you can enjoy four more sessions for every package of eight you buy. And the best part of it? Most of these services are transferable so you can share with family and friends.From June to July 31, Flawless is making it easier for you to get into its culture of empowered beauty with its Back 4 More promo. Enjoy up to 50% more sessions with service packages purchased for these months. For more information, visit or follow their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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