Are you that type of person whose eagerness to undergo facial treatment has been hindered by the fear of pain caused by extraction? But how about your goal of having softer, lighter and smoother skin? Are you just going to forget about it and just let your skin look dull and dry?

Trice Nagusara Flawless All Natural Ultimate White Facial 01

If I asked you this before, you might actually answer “yes”, but now, “yes” is unacceptable because with Flawless’ All-Natural Ultimate White Facial, you got nothing to worry about!

Trice Nagusara Flawless All Natural Ultimate White Facial 03

Flawless’ All-Natural Ultimate White Facial is the country’s first facial treatment that uses a combination of natural exfoliators, antioxidants and whitening agents to lighten the skin and treathyperpigmentations, photodamage and premature aging. It makes use of two powerful ingredients that not only lighten and rejuvenate the skin but help improve its clarity and texture as well—Dunaliella Seaweed and Gigawhite. A unique alga endemic to the Dead Sea, Dunaliella Seaweed is known to contain almost every amino acid that exist in nature and is a powerful skin anti-agingtool, while Gigawhite is a safe skin lightening agent used as a natural alternative to hydroquinone, the currently reigning king of skin lightening actives. In addition, it also takes advantage of the natural skin lightening effects of Kojic Acid and Vitamin C.

Trice Nagusara Flawless All Natural Ultimate White Facial 02

Through Flawless’ All-Natural Ultimate White Facial, being naturally beautiful just got a whole lot easier –and what I mean by natural, there is no pain or extraction involved! Yes you read it right! No more tiis ganda!

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