Fashion and creativity are two things that definitely make a good compatibility. It makes perfect, innovative, one of a kind and bonny outcomes almost every single day. What more when fashion is combined with one of the stunning things that everyone adores and would take every chance just to actually see it or rather wear it? Undoubtedly this is why, galaxy prints have been getting a lot of oohs and aahs from women, and yes, it also gotten my interest that I bought this dress and wore it on a day that is filled with meetings, errands and family hangouts.

Trice Nagusara

Galaxy print dresses are not that difficult to pull off; they are just like your dainty floral dresses that are utterly feminine and sophisticated, but are still feasible to any kind of styling even with a sporty ensemble – a pair of white, black or purple low cut sneakers pretty adds an amazing twist.

Trice Nagusara

But what makes this dress look more elegant is the mixed of the galaxy print and halter cut, which upshots to fun and womanish touch yet have a formal essence because of the halter style. Thus, it is perfect to wear on a Friday night out or on a Saturday lunch with your girlfriends or even during your corporate meetings.

Trice Nagusara

Halter dresses also have advantages but only for girls who are not confident with their hips, thighs and legs as it primarily focuses on the upper part of the body. Hence, if you have heavier upper body, you should take cautious in wearing halter dresses: remember to cherry-pick the right color, fabric and strap.

Trice Nagusara

On the other hand, for my shoes I opted for a floral pair. Yes, galaxy prints matching with floral prints does not sound so matchy-matchy, but a little bit of puny flowers will actually just give accent – especially when the colors of it match the galaxy print.

So are you up for something sweet and sophisticated today?

On Trice Nagusara: Dress and Heels from Zalora

Shot by Seph Cham

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