Fashion brings no pressure or stress but tons of fun and exciting experiences that challenge your creativity, mix and match logic, and of course, your skill in styling. Those can be learned from your and others’ experiences; from the new ideas that can be taken from different styling books and magazines; and from the excellent looks that can be found on blogs and Lookbook. So, there is no reason to get stuck from one same style everyday because learning the latest trends and knowing the do’s and don’ts in fashion does not need to be learned in a fashion school, but have to be handled with passion and some few notes.

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On Trice Nagusara: Top Freego | Shorts Bershka | Ribbon Headband and Bracelets SM Accessories | Bag Flawless | Shoes Keds

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Being playful in doing something a little unusual is what makes fashion become more blissful and exciting; because making something new out of ordinary always ends up having a great outcome. So instead of wearing your clothes just the way it should be worn, why not try something that will make it look different and chic? –well, I am not saying to DIY your everyday apparels to keep it one of a kind. All you need to do is to put a little effort and use your fashion instinct to come up with an idea that will give twist not just to your top or bottom, but to your whole outfit.

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For instance, what you have in your wardrobe are just simple blouse and shorts. The weather is sunny, and you and your friends are planning to go out of town. You want to look fashionable, but comfortable ensemble is what you are looking for as well. So you tried to pull off a floral top matched with shorts and a pair of cozy sneakers, however, as you look in the mirror, you feel that there is something missing. So what are you going to do next? Find another pieces of clothes or play around with your top and accessorize it?

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If that “you” were me, here is what I am going to do: unbutton the three buttons at the bottom of the blouse, tie it up and fix both sides of the top to make sure that it will not look as if you just tied it randomly. If you are conscious about your tummy or if you are a little bit conservative, the knot does not have to be that high; you can level it to your belly.

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After fixing the top, the final touch will come from the accessories. Find some accessories that are suitable to the color of the ensemble and to the weather as well. So since the weather for this scenario is sunny, adding some vibrant colors is certainly a great move to do! On the different note, if you are worrying about the bipolar weather, wrapping around a jacket on your hips is also a good idea –just choose the proper color and/or print that will complement to your outfit. So what do you think of this look?

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Shot by Seph Cham

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