Get a head start on what will be your best-ever school year with FILED’s Back-To-School Craze: TopNotch! Make it your best year yet by being first class in your own style!

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Filed knows how hectic your school year can be –countless exams, project deadlines, extra-curricular activities, plus personal and social lives to balance them with; it cuts the lifeline and brings about a great deal of stress. Worry no more, for FILED’s TopNotch Campaign turns every jam-packed school day to an empowering road to distinction. It is their promise to help you rise above these challenges by bringing out your A-game and helping you become TopNotch!

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FILED believes that you have your special skills and talents that make it possible for you to be TopNotch in your own way. And, with their array of innovative products, you will definitely be encouraged to be creative and organized in conquering the days ahead!

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Pocket Wallet

Quick, easy and secure storage for your coins, bills and receipts. The Pocket Wallet has a unique coin bin for storing your coins. Also, it has a mini accordion filing system to sort out all your cash, cards and receipt.

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Pocket-linking fun. The FILED Linknotes comes with a removable leatherette jacket cover and five filler notebooks, which are linkable through their pockets.

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Keeper Folder

The Keeper Folder sorts all your documents with its 10-compartment accordion filing system. Each folder comes with a detachable shoulder strap, so just zip it up and you are good to go!

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The disc binding system of the Shiftnotes enables you to shift pages anywhere, anytime for complete freedom and creativity in note-taking. It comes with three types of papers, kept secure with a garter strap.

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Pen Roller

A 2-in-1 pen case that provides complete organization to all your writing materials. Spread out your Pen Roller to see your neatly placed pens, with a detachable case for days when you want to keep it simple.

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