Every woman has a certain magical beauty piece that she cannot go a day without using or applying it even just a dump –like me, going out means wearing a red lip balm to prevent looking pale, or else all throughout the day, I feel like I am ugly enough to hide from everyone! So whether it is a lip balm, concealer, mascara or eyeliner, that aesthetic piece should be made with quality and should be worth every penny. So which cosmetic brand girls should consider?

Trice Nagusara Pixy 01

A Japanese-formulated and Indonesian-manufactured make-up line, Pixy, has officially launched by Mandom Philippines Corporation last August 6, 2014.

Trice Nagusara Pixy 04

During the event, a well-known make up artist in the Philippines, Xeng Zulueta, has proved Pixy’s amazing magic in flattering skin tones, while infusing the same light-reflecting, skin-perfecting properties.

Trice Nagusara Pixy 05

She did Tokyo Kawaii and Glam looks, while giving some make up tips and techniques particularly on how to look natural even if you are wearing make up.

Trice Nagusara Pixy 08

And of course, Xeng Zulueta used Pixy to achieve both looks by just enhancing both girls’ natural glow and by covering their blemishes only through Pixy’s UV Whitening two-Way Cake Perfect Matte.

Also, she used other Pixy’s make ups, like:

Trice Nagusara Pixy 07

Ultimate Make up Cake and Carnation Bloom Brush

Trice Nagusara Pixy 09

Waterproof Mascara, Eye Shadow, Romatic Poem and Sorrel Brown

Trice Nagusara Pixy 10

Passion Roses Blush

Trice Nagusara Pixy 06

Semi Matte Lipstick, Silky Fit Lipstick and Pixy Matte

Trice Nagusara Pixy 02

In each gleaming compact and sleek tube, Pixy offers the best of the ladylike “gal” trend with a twist: it’s now affordable, wearable, and incredibly easy to do –which is also the reason why Pixy boomed and became one of the popular brands across Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. So for girls who are looking for a trusted cosmetic brand, put Pixy on your list and be ready to get #PIXYfied!

Pixy is available in Watsons and distributed by Mandom Philippines Corporation. To know more about PIXY, visit their Facebook Page.

Shot by Seph Cham

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