I admit, double layer dress is what I prevent from wearing before; because on one hand, I thought it would cover my figure and would make me look smaller, and on the other hand, because I have broad shoulders I thought I would look wide and shapeless, until I tried this dress from Zalora.

Trice Nagusara

On Trice Nagusara: Dress Zalora | Bag and Shoes SM Parisian

Trice Nagusara

It is true that silhouette is everything; because if it is lousy, everything else looks lousy. So when I threw on this dress to fit just the moment I received the package from Zalora, it was then I realized that this type of dress could actually look good on me. The fit is perfect; it has a comfortable snug fit, and the length and cut of the layered fabric are just right to show my figures. Thus, I did not look shapeless, unlike what I thought.

Trice Nagusara

When it comes to styling a dress, girls only have one option: to wear a blazer or not? There are casual dresses that you can style differently, simply because it is for your casual needs, but for semi formal or formal dresses, blazer is the only choice you have, and obviously, I opted for none; because it would just cover the stunning silhouette of the dress that I keep on talking about and my figure that it gave emphasized on will be worthless.

Trice Nagusara

So I just flaunted the dress alone, and sported a pair of white heels that matches well with the color of my dress and a brown clutch bag to give accent to the light shade of my ensemble.

Trice Nagusara

On a different note, one of the things I use almost every minute of my life is my iPhone. It is where I do half of my job, I use it to communicate and it is my tool even when doing some small research. Almost everything revolves around it that if something wrong or bad happens to it, I do not know what to do! Hence, I always make sure to secure and protect it through security codes or passwords, and by using a case that is hard and sturdy enough to keep it safe from shock, drops and impacts. Thus, I use UAG or Urban Armor Gear iPhone case. It is made from a hard composite shell fused with a honeycomb TPU core and it is engineered to be feather-light while providing military grade protection without adding too much bulk. Unlike other iPhone cases, UAG cases protect every corner and every side of the iPhone through its soft rubberized sides and skid pads on the four edges. By using this case wherever I go, I am confident that even it accidentally slips through my fingers, there is nothing to worry about!

Still in doubt how well protected your smartphone is if you use UAG case? Watch this video below:

The Urban Armor Gear (UAG) smartphone cases are available in any Digital Walker and Beyond The Box branches for only 1,595php.

Photographed by Seph Cham

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