Are you guilty of being a professional crammer not just in doing a homework or office work but also in accomplishing a Christmas gift list? If yes, do not give me that no-time-to-go-to-the-mall reason because in this modern time, shopping while relaxing at home is already possible. No available credit card to use? Then here is a remedy that I know will give the convenience that you wish to have in your life – particularly in the month of December when everywhere is crowded and when you should give at least an hour of time allowance aside from the usual travel time you spare whenever you are heading over to the mall – the Globe’s GCash AmEx Virtual Pay.

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GCash American Express Virtual Pay is the wonderful solution that gives you great chances to shop online and internationally without bothering about the safety of your money because this time, there is no credit card involved! Hence, your money is safe from any credit card hacking.

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With a variety of product choices like bags, clothes and shoes from Amazon, or digital products like apps and music from Apple App Store or Google Play, you cannot say that online world has limited offers. Plus, your time here is unlimited and the convenience is certainly the best! Just think, click and then purchase; no need to get stuck in heavy traffic for hours to complete your Christmas gift list.

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All you have to do is to register to GCash by dialing *143# or you can also register through your GCash mobile app on your iPhone for FREE – also available for Android and Blackberry and this is open for both prepaid and postpaid.

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On the other hand, if you already have a GCash account, access your Gcash mobile app to check your balance and to see your Gcash AmEx Express Virtual Pay details: just swipe to the right and select Gcash American Express Virtual Pay and then tap on the virtual pay card to view the full details.

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You will see all the information you will need in processing your order, including your U.S. address. But if you do not have an Internet to access your GCash app, you can also check the details of your Gcash American Express Virtual Pay via *143# menu.

On the different note, if your account does not have enough balance yet, you can convert your prepaid load to GCash through GCash app by pressing the “Cash in” button at the lower left corner, then select “Prepaid load to GCash” button and then choose the amount that you wish to cash in to your GCash wallet. However, if you prefer loading your GCash wallet directly, head over to any Globe store or partnered outlet near you and just ask for a GCash cash in form for you to fill up, or you can also load your GCash via BPI Express Mobile (check out this link to learn about it:

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So when you already have enough balance to pay your purchase, you will need to request your security code through your GCash mobile app by tapping on the “Request security code” button then you will receive your new CVV/security code via SMS – a new CVV code must be requested in each transaction. And that is it! Just confirm all the details and wait for the order confirmation in your email. So quick and easy, right? Goodbye to the hassle of commuting and driving because this time, you can avail those Christmas gifts in just a few clicks away!

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Here is what I will get for Seph: a Western Digital My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup for more space for his blog photos!

To learn more about GCash American Express Virtual Pay, visit or watch the video below!

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