Beauty starts with cleanliness, and cleanliness starts with Flawless! From their hand sanitizers to their sterilized tools sealed in individual pouches, disposable headbands and towels stored in cabinets with UV lamp sterilizers, Flawless shows the high priority they give to their hygienic practices.

Trice Nagusara

Every day, before and after operations, every Flawless clinic is thoroughly cleaned by staff to ensure that clients are able to enjoy a safe and relaxing environment. The company requires that at day’s end, all machines must be thoroughly cleaned, bed sheets replaced with fresh ones, and tools and towels placed inside the hot cabinets with UV lamps.

Flawless Guaranteed Hygienic

Everything in the clinic is ensured clean and fresh because Flawless assures to provide the service, care and treatment that every customer deserves. That is why for all of my skincare needs, I choose clean, I choose Flawless!

To know about their products and services, visit a Flawless Clinic near you or visit their website here.

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