My love for fashion is crystal clear, but how I take care of my clothes is part of the behind the scene. So now, I thought of sharing with you my FashionCare secret that might surprise some of you!

Trice Nagusara Electrolux Fashion CareTrice Nagusara Electrolux Fashion CareI am not the type who only wears clothes once and disposes it; I am that person who likes to mix and match to make my old top or bottom look new, stylish and trendy. What is more, dressing up really makes me happy and putting up chic and unique ensemble gives me confidence. Considering this, I take care of my clothes like a baby with a sensitive skin to keep an eye on, branded or not, as I want to preserve their color and quality to make them look new even after years. To achieve this, the only tip that my mom told me was to not wash my clothes using washing machine as it would ruin my garments – majority of my clothes have ruffles, laces, knits, and rarely plain cotton.

Trice Nagusara Electrolux Fashion CareTrice Nagusara Electrolux Fashion CareHence, I do my own laundry by hand, which I learned when I was in college as I was trying to become independent – I do not trust any laundry shop to do it for me as they always misplace a few pieces. How about a “labandera”? Well, we did not find someone who could wash our clothes without damaging a piece or two, so she just usually washes my parents’ house clothes.

The only problem is, now that I am no longer a student, it is becoming difficult to find time to do everything. So I tried finding the best way to do my laundry without damaging it yet saves a lot of my time. After doing some research and asking for my aunties’ recommendations, my eyes are on Electrolux Fashion Care Washing Machine because these words caught my attention: deep yet gentle clean.

From what I read, it has Woolmark Apparel Care that certifies the gentlest treatment and care for hand-wash only woolens. Also, it has Unique Electrolux UltraMix Technology that preserves clothes’ quality and color. With all this, I think Electrolux Fashion Care is exactly what I am looking for! So I guess this would be my early birthday gift for myself?

Not yet convinced how good Electrolux washing machine is? Then hear it from the fashion expert, Rajo Laurel!

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