Every time I plan my work outfit, I assure to pull off something appropriate for the event/meeting I am heading to, something that is worth my readers’ while and of course, something that is uniquely and stylishly styled.

Trice Nagusara La Petite

So last week, I sported this plain white dress with ruffled sleeves that I got from Bangkok. I decided to style it not just with a simple pair of shoes but with white pumps and black socks. And to prevent my black socks from looking out of place, I donned my black sling bag clutch to match with its color.

Trice Nagusara La Petite

Additionally, I added a white ribbon necklace to make the look more up to date and chic!

Trice Nagusara La Petite

With regard to deciding the perfect color to match with the other, color wheel is my basis even for color blocking: colors directly next to each other the perfect even the colors that form right angles with each other, colors directly across from each other, and colors that form a letter T and X. However, because I am only wearing a plain white dress, I opted for the best color that will give the right contrast that I wanted to: black.

Trice Nagusara La Petite

As a result, with the whole outfit I wore, I ended up having a classy and fashionable look and not the usual dress and flats/heels combo.

For some who do not want to sport heels, you can also try wearing a pair of moto boots or stacked bootie! But if you are petite, only pick ankle and mid-calf boots to avoid making your legs appear shorter.

Shot by Seph Cham

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