Trends come and go, and we all know how off shoulder always on top of designers mind. But that was before, because now, puffed sleeves are coming back fresh from the 80s and wrap tops have become everyone’s go-to top – why not when it is easy to throw on and go?

So while most of you prefer pairing wrap tops with pants, I wore mine with skirt, and here is what I found out: pencil type of skirt looks flawlessly good with it, maxi skirt makes wrap top more fashionable, and mini skirt is a perfect fit for casual looks.

How to wear wrap topWrap Top  Zara | Skirt Unarosa 

Wearing wrap top with maxi skirt:
It actually surprised me that this outfit looked good on me considering I am petite, but maybe that is because of these things I kept in mind before putting up this outfit: first, only pick a maxi skirt that is not too flowy and has the right loose fit; second, it should have an ankle length because longer than that is too long and if shorter, you might look stumpy in it – especially if your wrap top is not cropped; lastly, vertical stripes help creating an illusion of longer legs.

How to wear wrap topWearing wrap top with mini skirt:
Just like jeans, mini skirts are easy – there is nothing to take note, as mini skirts are versatile. But if you want to stand out, the trick is to color block. In addition, to make it look less casual, put on your favorite boots!

Finish off the look with some drop earrings, beret hat, sunglasses or necklace! With this, you have got yourself a classy chic look for your everyday looks and for your casual or smart casual events.

Photos are shot by Seph Cham

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