Isn’t shopping while lying down on bed or sitting at home or even at the beach sounds so enticing? Just imagine yourself spending your weekend at home with nothing to think about other than the clothes you want to buy and the color that you should pick; then when you finally have arrived at a decision, you just click, click and click, and wait for two to three days for it to arrive to your doorstep and there you can also pay the item/s; no more inconvenience of driving or commuting and most especially, no long lines in the fitting rooms and cashier, just you and your lappy. Thus, ever since high school, online shopping has been my favorite hobby. I even remember the time when I bought clothes, bags, accessories and shoes that looked great on photos but happened to look terrible when I received it, but that until I found out about Zalora.

Trice Nagusara

To be as honest as the day, only few brands I find worth buying in Zalora; it is just that some look too common and actually do not appear to have good fabric even in photos. Of course, the big brands like Mango and River Island are automatically in my list of the brands that I always check out, but there are other brands that I discovered that offer unique designs of clothes and are made of very good fabric: Indikah, Cole Vintage, Love, Fire and Zalora. Plus, I was amazed to know that when my package has arrived, these brands’ extra small or small size, whichever is the smallest size, exactly fits me; because being petite makes the other brands’ sizes my common problem as this is what I encounter every time I order online or an online brand sends me an item. Hence, wearing the items I bought from Zalora in an event is something I would not hesitate about especially when the apparel is too stylish to get stuck in my closet just like these Zalora dress and shoes that I am wearing.

Trice Nagusara

The dress looks simple but the cut out and pleated details around the skirt make it chic, elegant and peculiar. Also, the fabric used is embellished with small details that made it appear like a snakeskin fabric, which makes it look more fashionable.

Trice Nagusara

On the other hand, the style of the shoes is frankly ordinary but its silver hologram color makes it look attractive and different from the others.

Trice Nagusara

To spice up my outfit, I sported this stunning watch from Veloci’s Voyager collection. A twist of sporty, casual and sophistication added to my outfit as I paired this watch. Its vibrant shade of blue and rose gold gave accent to my ensemble especially that I did not wear any accessory. Through this, my entire get up became more attractive compared if I only donned for silver timepiece.

Trice Nagusara

When buying clothes, whether in the mall or online, aside from the look, how each item fits is important particularly for petites. Keep in mind that ill-fitting clothes make everything imperfect and unpleasant to look at – unless you want those big safety pins to become your lifesaving accessories, but it will just cause you hassle and big folds at the side and back of your dress.

Seph Cham and Trice Nagusara

Oh by the way, this outfit is what I wore during the Zalora Epic Night Out! Hi to my date, sephcham!

So are you going to consider this outfit as a simple but elegant ensemble? What do you think?

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