Being surrounded with people who are fond of traveling is almost like knowing how it feels like to be in every place or country they have been to. In fact, their experience really interests me as I have only visited a few countries yet and learning from their knowledge helps me a lot. And now, as I recall their stories and think of my next destination for this coming year, I realized how they repeatedly say and express their love for one country, Japan. They say everything about it is admirable, but if there is one thing they will never forget about it, it is how good Japanese food is.

There is no doubt how much love most of us have for Japanese food with all the Japanese restaurants we have, we even have one in the streets – remember the viral video of a Japanese who sells authentic ramen in the street for a very cheap price? I too go-gaga over sashimi, ramen, gyoza, donburi, and a lot more even just by thinking of it! And most of it I tried for the first time in Tokyo Tokyo when I was in high school.

Tokyo Tokyo Beef Pepper DonburiAt that time, Tokyo Tokyo was the only place in Trinoma where we always got our Japanese food cravings fixed, and the only one that was offering unlimited rice! And up until now, I still dine and try its new dishes like its new Japanese Donburi: Beef Pepper Donburi, Beef Sriracha Donburi and Beef Gyudon.

Tokyo Tokyo Beef Sriracha DonburiTokyo Tokyo Beef GyudonTokyo Tokyo’s Beef Gyudon is my favorite! It comes with thinly-sliced tender beef, simmered in sweet and savory sauce with scrambled egg served on a bowl of steaming rice, and topped with onion leeks and red pickled radish. What is more, considering how authentic its taste is, and how big the serving is, its price of PHP 145 is totally worth it!

Trice Nagusara Tokyo Tokyo Beef GyudonSo am I coming back for more? Definitely, YES! And hopefully to try all this in Japan, soon!

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