When my schedule is as busy as a bee and the heavy traffic never misses to drain my remaining time for snacks, I commonly end up skipping meals, which results to having one big time meal during dinner – hence, slower metabolism and unhealthy lifestyle. A lot of effects could occur if I let this habit continue and so, I started thinking of ways to prevent it from happening. At first, I considered signing up to one of the packed meal deliveries I found online, but then I realized: I do not get to choose which food to eat and the amount of food per meal might not be enough for me, until a friend of mine recommended Kanguru.

To be brief, Kanguru is an app that lets you order any food you want in any restaurant within a 5km radius of your location and promises to deliver your food within an hour or less. However, if you wish to order from a restaurant that is located beyond 5km radius, Kangaru will still accommodate it but expect for possible additional delivery time.

And so, after three consecutive events last Thursday, Seph and I tested the waters together with Anagon and Seph’s brother, Justeen.


To start with, I registered on the Kangaru app, and then tapped the location icon on app’s home page for it to trace my current location.


Afterwards, I pressed the “Find Restaurants” button, which directed me to the Restaurant List that is divided into four categories: Top Rated, Distance, Newest and A-Z. I chose Distance because we did not want to wait too long. We browsed through the list of restaurants and opted for Señor Pollo, which was just 1.35km away from our location.


After selecting our preferred restaurant, its menu showed up together with its price.


Subsequently, as soon as we were done picking the food that we would like to order and also, its quantity, I headed over to app’s “Pouch” page where I confirmed all of our orders. Then I tapped “Check out” where I specified the amount that I would pay for them to know how much change they must bring.

Take note: For any order under Php 1000, Kanguru charges a delivery fee of only Php 79! While any order over Php 1000 has a corresponding flat rate of Php 99!

Going back, after double-checking every detail of my order, I received a text message and email from Kangaru’s call centre to confirm my order and also, to give an update.


And finally, after 50 minutes, our food has arrived! Though some of our orders were not as good as when dining in, but of course, that is already a given idea when it comes to food delivery.


Overall, I can say that Kanguru app is really convenient especially for the ones who prefer staying at home or in the office during lunch breaks. It is also better to opt for Kanguru when in friends’ crib rather than ordering some of the usual fast food restaurants’ food especially that it is also possible to order from multiple restaurants. What is more, you can place orders in advance just by selecting “later” option and then plugging in the date and time you want your food to be delivered.

However, as of now, they can only accommodate people in Makati, Pasig and Taguig but will soon expand their service to different places.

So download the Kangaru app now, and satisfy your cravings by taking them straight to your doorstep!

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