Before, prints were commonly seen only on a variety of casual and girly apparels; they were given an unworthy style boundary, which hindered some to make them flexible unlike today. However, as time goes by, fashion fanatics become experimental when mixing and matching prints –either with prints, vibrant colors or plains. That is why, whatever rule or limitation each print or color has, there is no way it will become a hindrance to anyone but a challenge that can always overcome. So if floral prints are just for some feminine styling before, today they can now be part of men’s outfit or even your sports wear.

Trice Nagusara Adidas 2

What I’m wearing: Top, skirt, jacket, sneakers and bag from Adidas | Necklace from SM Accessories

Trice Nagusara Adidas 1

Trice Nagusara Adidas 3

When putting up a sporty ensemble, it is common to pick plain apparels –which are mostly comprise of neutral colors. Simple and cozy are essential with this kind of outfit –but for fashionistas, looking chic is also an important thing. So as modern fashion starts to take over on every piece of clothes, floral prints also begin to touch each kind of apparel from casual to formal wear. That is why, if sports apparels are known for being so basic, this time it is different.

Trice Nagusara Adidas 5

Adidas Originals offers a new line of sporty casual clothes, which gave a new personality to the brand. Stylish and straightforward are the best characteristics of each garment –two different traits but handled to maintain the minimalistic look of the brand while welcoming the modern fashion. So what do you think of this outfit?

Trice Nagusara Adidas 7

Trice Nagusara Adidas 6Photos taken by Seph Cham

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