Kirby Cruz Collection: Why I love every piece of it?

There are three types of person: the one who prefers basics, someone who loves opting for fancy pieces and a person who is into wearing both. Which are you? Me, I will go for the third one.

If before, you would never see me wearing simple shirt and a pair of shorts – even during my errands day – now, it is what I mostly pick. Fine, most of my shirts are cropped. Still, I am happy that I am finally embracing basics, but of course, my love for fancy tops remains.

See-through, laces, ruffles, puffy sleeves, one shoulder tops and fringes are still making me go crazy! They are and will always be the apple of my eye; the only ones that will make me swipe my credit card a lot of times regardless how much I tell myself to take a break from shopping. But really, why do I love such things? Think of them as ingredients: when mixed together, with the right amount, everything looks perfect. I am into fashion since I was a kid, and for me, details are everything. I adore a brand, a person and a designer that has a talent in putting up anything impossible in one top or dress, or in an entire outfit, as it what makes it unique and memorable. Considering this, Kirby Cruz’s new collection made me fall in love instantly.

These are just one of Kirby Cruz’s designs that caught my attention. Check out his complete collection at The Fashion Hospital located at 1317 Felix Huertas Rd, Santa Cruz, Manila, or follow his Instagram account: @kirbycruz.official and

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