In all honesty, wearing make up is a bit challenging for me because first, I do not know how and second, I hate the feeling of the need to check how I look or if the make up on me still looks fine every now and then, however, no matter how much effort it takes, make up is still part of every girl’s life. So I got no choice but to know and learn such things to look more presentable especially whenever I have formal events to attend. Thus, I asked for the help of my beauty blogger friend, Angela and I also attended the Kiss Me Heroine Make make up demo conducted by make-up artist and beauty consultant from Japan, Sayuri Igarashi.

Trice Nagusara Heroine Make 06Trice Nagusara Heroine Make 01Trice Nagusara Heroine Make 02

I learned a lot during the Kiss Me Heroine Make’s make up demo: the right color combination of the eye shadow and which color to wear during day and night. I also discovered the proper way to easily apply the eyeliner on the eyelids – by the way, I finally know how to put eyeliner, but only on the eyelids yet! It is still an achievement though! Haha thanks, Angela!

Trice Nagusara Heroine Make 03Trice Nagusara Heroine Make 04Trice Nagusara Heroine Make 05

On a different note, another thing that is good about Heroine Make is that the Jewelry Eye Color has easy to match shades. The light shades are not that vibrant and most of the shades are neutrals, which are perfect for starters like me. Plus, each product is perfect for the Asian skin and hot weather because the make up can withstand the heat, humidity, rain and sweat.

So check out the newest Kiss Me Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color, exclusively sold in Watson’s stores nationwide.

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