If before, deciding on our own and voicing out our own opinion were all forbidden and treated as unimportant, now we, women, can create our own paths; make our own rules; choose our beliefs; voice out our judgements; decide on our own; and harness the power of femininity and strength – because today’s women can now take charge and be independent no matter what. And these changes are all put into spotlight as Keds announces the launch of Ladies First: a new global brand campaign with a fresh perspective on what it means to be a woman today.

Trice Nagusara Keds Ladies FirstTrice Nagusara Keds Fall/Holiday CollectionTrice Nagusara Keds Fall/Holiday Collection

Together with its Fall/Holiday collection, Keds highlights the constant evolution of women that can be seen with the way they carry themselves without being defined by specific styles and how each woman sets and decides her own path with full conviction.

Trice Nagusara Keds Fall/Holiday CollectionTrice Nagusara Keds Fall/Holiday CollectionTrice Nagusara Keds Ladies Supporting Ladies

To fully inspire and motivate other ladies out there, Keds selected four leading ladies that are goal oriented, multifaceted and style driven: Sassa Jimenez, a fashion designer and entrepreneur; Camille Co, a fashion designer and blogger; Stephanie Zubiri, a travel, food, and lifestyle journalist, a chef and a television host; and Joyce Pring, a host, radio jock, musician and artist. These influencers are not just good at what they do but are also passionate and have trust on their own abilities, which are also one of the recipes to their success.

Trice Nagusara Keds Ladies First

With this, let us all celebrate being a woman and inspire others to do better and to be confident.

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