The classic print of floral never gets old and never goes out of trend even if another chic and attractive print appears in the picture. And for me, only floral prints can complete and make most females’ outfit look more fashionable! Because no matter what color and how bold these prints are, still, floral prints remain stylish and sophisticated even on your edgy outfit. However, if you find these prints a little tricky and too girly to wear, here is an outfit that I can recommend.

Trice Nagusara 01

What I’m wearing: Top from Robin, Floral Blazer and Pants from Greenhills and Loafers from Trunk Show.

Trice Nagusara 05

In wearing floral prints, it doesn’t mean that dresses, skirts or other girly clothing are involved. Because these prints do not limit you to try nor to experiment different fashion ideas –which is why floral prints can already be seen on men’s fashion and accessories. So if commuting is part of your daily life and being fashionable is something you do not want to sacrifice, then put a touch of floral prints to your pants and blazer to have more appealing, young and fun look rather than wearing plain ones.

Trice Nagusara 02

Trice Nagusara 03

On the other hand, just like the other prints, floral prints look better when you pair it with neutral colors which include black, white, gray, beige, etc. Matching it with vibrant shades can look great too! However, just like what I always say: make sure to pick the best color to combine with it –remember to pick the colors that compliment each other –to prevent damaging the whole outfit.

Trice Nagusara 04

Loafers are one of the great casual shoes for women that can be paired with pants, trousers and shorts as well as with dresses and skirts.

Photos by Seph Cham


Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 01

Love burgers but hate to feel guilty for eating something that can ruin your diet? Well now, with Crave Burger you can already indulge your cravings without feeling guilty at all! Delicious yet nutritious foods are what Crave Burger offers to their customers. They serve perfectly seasoned and healthy stand-alone pan-grilled burgers made from 100% prime choice imported beef. And if you’re wondering about its price, no worries! Because for a minimum amount of 80php you can already have your appetizing burger!

Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 03

Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 04

Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 02

Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 05

Crave Burger’s Skinny Fries

Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 06

Crave Burger’s Onion Rings

Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 07

Crave Burger’s Boneless Chicken Wings

Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 08

Boneless yet big chicken wings can be served either classic or hot. These chicken wings are guaranteed fresh and juicy before they serve it on your table.

Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 09

The small but terrible mini burgers of Crave burger will certainly make you feel satisfied and full. Even they are “mini”, these burgers can already fill your hungry tummy even by just eating two to three pieces of it.

Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 10

Angel’s having her first bite of her Mini Burger!

Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 11

Gerd and Gelo are also enjoying their foods!

Trice Nagusara Crave Burger 12

And here’s Seph with his “feel na feel look” while eating his Mini Burger haha!

For more information about Crave Burger visit

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