Isn’t it tiring to see a lot of styles of shoes that are just along each other’s lines? That whenever you go for shoe hunting, everything you see is just similar with the one that you already owned? And to be honest, wishing for something rare or different is somehow starting to be difficult to attain; because of the one-glimpse-production of replicas, or if not, the copycat version of the other brands. But then, every lady needs a one of a kind pair of shoes, and no matter how much time it will take to see that perfect pair, in the end, it is all worth it.


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As a result, Massimo Bonini, an Italian retail luxury multi-brand concept that carries a myriad of luxury designer footwear, bags and accessories, brings a total convenience as it helps every fashion enthusiast, whether men or women, in finding a unique and stylish pair of shoes and bag, which only produced in limited quantity.

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Massimo Bonini offers high-class brands like Versace, Roberto Cavalli, McQ, Giambattists Valli, Azzura Gronchi, BB Washed, Campanille, Ernesto Esposito by Ernesto Esposito, ETRO, Gedebe, lHenderson, Kalliste, Kartell, N21, Sebastian and Stephen Venezia. And just last Tuesday, October 15, Massimo Bonini announced the arrival of its Fall/Winter 2014 collection in its Philippines showroom at the Shangri-La Plaza East Wing.Fall

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Expecting a lot of glamorous things and thoughts for this collection is actually fine, because this time, disappointment is not part of the picture. Elegant, chic and one of a kind are the three things that best define the looks of each pair. The attractiveness of the details gives a touch of long lasting trend that even you wear it 10 years from now, you can still expect it to be the apple of the eye of a lot of people.

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From casual to formal, from minimalist to utmost details, Massimo Bonini makes sure to give the footwear that will definitely become part of your life as a fashion aficionado. It might be a little expensive, but whatever you are getting is made of best quality materials.

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So have you seen the perfect pair that you want to grab? If yes, then immediately head over to Massimo Bonini at Shangri-La Plaza East Wing! For more information check out its Facebook Page or like @massimoboniniph on Instagram.

Wondering what I chose among those stunning shoes? Then, stay tuned for my upcoming outfit post!

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