The funny thing about fashion is its huge difference in life in terms of its rules and regulations: the more you break each of it, the more fun, trendier and chicer it turns out. And most of the time, even though you chose to embrace the dull shade of black from head to toe, what you thought could end up lame and snooze is actually either a total stunner or a pretty badass chic. So does it mean that pulling off “whatever black” is fine? Of course, just make sure that those mixes of “whatever black” are fashionably done; because if not, people might think that you are just a runaway clothes line…and nobody wants that, right?

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Aside from being one of the top picked colors whenever gals, or even guys, are having a hard time to choose which outfit to pull off for whatever day or event he or she has, black is being worn because of its popularity for being the oldest trick in the book to give a slender illusion for both genders –what more when you wear it from head to toe, right? So since this color has an amazing talent in creating a magical illusion, does it mean that there is no more accentuation needed? Because you already look sexy with just black on black outfit?

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Whether you are petite or not, please do imagine this: you went out for a shopping. After one to two hours of finding the perfect clothes to buy for a certain event or occasion, what you ended up choosing were a black skirt with unique look and cut, and a black tube. You bought it and went home afterwards. When you got home, you tried wearing both clothes to see the whole look on you. While looking in the mirror, you noticed that because you tacked in your tube the overlapped part of the tube and skirt somehow makes your figure disappear and makes you look shape-less. So what is the next thing that you will do?

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It is important for petites or for every girl to highlight the best part of their body and to minimize what needs to be minimized through illusion, which makes black the perfect and safest color for everybody. However, there are still things to consider when pulling off an all black outfit; the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep each silhouette crisp and tailored, but if you missed this out, then accentuate!

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Belts are the best remedies for your where-is-my-curve and I-need-something-to-make-my-outfit-look-more-attractive problems. Even though you already got the special apparels with the perfect fit, plus the slimming effect of black, admit it or not, but with just a simple silver line effect of the belt huge effects can already happen! Just imagine if I worn this ensemble without wearing a belt and try to compare it with this outfit post, so does belt really produce great changes? What do you think?

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Shot by Seph Cham

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