The current heat says it all, Summer is here and it is time to hunt for that perfect swimsuit for your beach trips, and of course, the much awaited beach party, LaBoracay! However, if the sun is ready to shine and your swimsuits are all set and styled, are you beach body ready? Whether your answer is a yes, or no, let me introduce to you my summer beach body secret: MySlim.

Trice Nagusara MySlim

To be honest, I am not the type who drinks and takes slimming products because I am scared of the side effects that they could cause and because I easily get palpitations; however, getting enough sleep is beginning to become impossible lately since we came back from Puerto Galera as I am coping up with my backlogs. As a result, lack of energy prevented me from going back to my daily workout routine at home or in the gym, which made me think of trying MySlim.

Trice Nagusara MySlim

This product is not only for losing weight or burning fats but also removes toxins that hinder the body to function properly by detoxifying and boosting energy, which what I need to be productive in the gym. It contains Carnipure, the purest form of L-carnitine that converts fat into usable energy, and Palatinose, which prolongs energy levels.

On the other hand, for the ones who are planning to lose weight, MySlim’s active ingredient EFLA 920 is clinically proven to help you lose weight and has main benefits that include increased fat burning, appetite suppression, reduced fat absorption, and a high thermo genic effect, helping you to burn more calories even while you’re sitting – but it is suggested to engage in a certain workout program plus a healthy diet to lose more extra pounds. These benefits are all in MySlim Detox, Slimming Drink and Slimming Capsule, but the Slimming Capsule helps to burn more calories and suppresses appetite, which is an extra advantage for the one who wants to get slimmer.

Take note that for faster and better slimming results, take both MySlim Detox and Slimming Drink (ready to drink bottle or sachet) and MySlim Slimming capsule together. Take 2 capsules a day preferably in the morning after breakfast and at noon after lunch, and one bottle thrice a week.

Trice Nagusara MySlim

So since I do not want to lose weight but want to maintain it, I just tried the MySlim Detox and Slimming Drink, which both have fat burning and energy conversion benefits similar with the capsule, but unlike the capsule, MySlim Detox has detoxifying effect.

As instructed on the bottle, I drink TWO bottles or sachets after dinner EVERY WEEK. Although, its strawberry flavor makes me want to drink one after another, it should ONLY be taken TWO (2) to THREE (3) bottles or sachets per week with at least ONE-DAY INTERVAL per drink.

What I noticed after I tried the first bottle of MySlim Slimming Drink was I did not get hungry and did not crave for any food during midnight, and most importantly, I did not palpitate; however, compared with the other reviews that I have read, I did not experience the urge to go to the toilet the next morning, which maybe because my regular bowel movement is actually just thrice to four times a week depending on the amount of food I have taken during the day since I seldom eat a lot. On a different note, when it comes to my energy level, surprisingly, even with lack of sleep I accomplished the tasks that I need to finish and also did my workout program even just at home – yet of course, physical and mental performance is still way better with enough sleep.

Overall, I like that MySlim Detox and Slimming Drink did not cause any palpitations and negative side effects, and I love that every time I drink one, I manage not to eat midnight snacks – definitely what I need because my current workout program focuses on my abs!

* MySlim Detox and Slimming Drink (Bottle) is available in all 7-Eleven stores, Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, Robinson’s supermarket, Southstar Drugstores, Rose Pharmacy, Landmark Supermarket, Anson’s Supermarket, and Crossing Supermarket. Each bottle costs Php 89.00.

* MySlim Slimming Capsule is available in Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, Southstar Drugstores, and Rose Pharmacy. Each bottle contains 30 capsules and costs Php 540.00

* MySlim Detox and Slimming Drink (Sachet) is available in all Southstar Drugstores, Landmark supermarket, Crossing Supermarket, and Robinson’s Supermarket. Sachets are bought per box and each box costs Php 276.00 with four (4) sachets.

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