Sometimes, I wonder which part really makes being a lady complicated: Is it the monthly red days or the obligation of choosing and deciding the right and perfect product among hundreds of options for our skin, hair, face and body? Because if men mostly use whatever product they have or they see in the store, women are different: we do research, read blog reviews and ask our friends or even consult a dermatologist to really know the best product for us. And when it comes to hair, if guys just wash and go, us, girls, cannot leave the house without ironing or curling our hair. As a result, we now have damaged, dry and frizzy hair, which also caused by hair coloring and yearly hair rebonding or digital perming. I too is guilty of doing such, but because right now, the ends of my hair is too dry and in need of hair treatment, I looked for the right conditioner that I can use everyday – that was when I found out Cream Silk’s new range of Customized Solutions.

Cream Silk ConditionerWhat caught my attention is that the new Cream Silk range consists of seven customized solutions: Standout Straight, Hair Fall Defense, Damage Control, Stunning Shine, Dry Rescue, Dandruff-free and Color Protect. Each has specific purpose making it easy for us to choose the best Cream Silk conditioner for our hair concern.

Cream Silk ConditionerAnd because my main concern is hair dryness due to hair coloring and ironing I opted for three: First, I picked Cream Silk Color Protect to protect my colored hair from dryness and dullness as I recently had my hair colored; second, I got the Dry Rescue to save my hair from dryness most especially that I curl my hair whenever I have events and shoots; and third, I chose the Stunning Shine with Shine Boost Complex to moisturize my dull and lifeless hair, protecting it against daily aggressors that cause dryness.

All these Cream Silk conditioners have Advanced Hair Reborn Technology that repairs, strengthens, and replenishes hair from inside and out. It also contains nutrients that are essential to improve hair elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility. Hence, all of these can keep my hair healthy and damage-free!

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