Growing up as an only child and always alone at home – without a maid and just my grandmother with me – always puts me in a scenario where I have to make my own snack when I get home from school. Hence, since then, experimenting on different bread fillings became my thing that it becomes rare to see me eating a plain sandwich. Although, on days when I am in a hurry or too busy to be creative, it is not PB&J that I opt for, but Gardenia Black Forest with some slices of fruits on top.

Gardenia BreadAnd what makes it a perfect on-the-go snack? Well, preparation is easy-peasy: I prepare the fruits the night before and keep them refrigerated, and then by morning or afternoon, I just get two slices of Gardenia Black Forest Loaf and put the fruits on top. What is good about it is that I no longer need any spread, as the bread itself is already sweet and tasty!

Gardenia BreadOn the other hand, when I am just planning to stay at home all day, I often use the Gardenia Classic White Bread. What is my favorite filling to go with it? Of course, bacon and eggs!! At times that I crave for something sweet, chocolate spread is still a better choice for me with some sliced fruits on top.

If I want to have bread for lunch or dinner – meaning, I need something heavy – chicken, tomato, cheese, and lettuce are my usual ingredients with a glass of cold lemon on the side ¬– bacon, pork, fish or roast beef can also be a good replacement for chicken.

To sum it up, it is as easy as ABC to come up for delicious bread fillings, most particularly if you have a Gardenia Classic White Bread. From the basic to the most complicated, it will suit this bread.

But then again, in times when you do not have enough time to prepare, Gardenia Black Forest got your back!