Here is a fun-fact: I never had any sunburn ever since I was a kid.

Trice Nagusara Nivea Sun 05

Yep it is true, even though I was one of those kids who did not immediately get out of the swimming pool even the water was slowly draining by the staff for cleaning, I surprisingly never experienced getting any sunburn no matter how tan my skin was – well I guess it is also because of my skin color as it also affects how easy the skin to get sunburn. Nonetheless, wearing sunblock/sunscreen for sure helped me to prevent sunburn, which my mom made sure to apply minutes before she let me go to swim and play. And up to now, I make sure to apply generous amount of sunblock an hour before I head over to the beach and stay under the sun, however, I am not that particular of the sunscreen that I am using or buying before, until I discovered the important particularities that I should consider in choosing the brand and the type of sunscreen to use at the Nivea Sun Protects event in Bohol.

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Trice Nagusara Nivea Sun 01

Unlike any other events, this one is different as it aimed to let us, bloggers, experience the product with some prepared activities under the sun to try and test the NIVEA Sun products!

Trice Nagusara Nivea Sun 07

Everyone was divided into 10 teams with 9 members each for the challenge, and two different adventures were prepared: land adventure and water adventure.

Trice Nagusara Nivea Sun 14

My teammates were JT Nisay, Patrick Joson, Yanna Cowper, Isabelle Laureta, Yuki Tansengco, Janey Aniban, Trice Nagusara, Hannah Lazatin, and Paul Chuapoco.

Each team was given a chance to pick which adventure to assign to them through fishbowl method where one representative was assigned to pick one paper from the bowl, and luckily, we got land adventure – “lucky” because I do not know how to swim.

Trice Nagusara Nivea Sun 06

The teams who picked the land adventure proceeded to the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park. Each challenge should be assigned to one member of the team. So I got the Tarzan Swing, Hanging Bridge and Island in The Sky. Sadly, I was not able to take photos during the adventure because gadgets are prohibited for my assigned challenge. Nevertheless, the adventure was a bit scary especially the Tarzan Swing but it was a total fun and it was also nice to meet new friends.

Trice Nagusara Nivea Sun 04

(From left to right: AJ Dee, Seph Cham, Trice Nagusara, Ana Gonzales, Ava Zabat and Paul Chuapoco)

Trice Nagusara Nivea Sun 03

(From left to right: Ana Gonzales, Ava Zabat, Trice Nagusara, Aisa Ipac and Sarah Tirona)

After the adventure, we spent our free time at the beach! Of course, I used NIVEA Sun Protect and Moisture for reliable protection and moisturization that my skin needs. It is water resistant and non-greasy, and provides deep and long-lasting moisture up to 24 hours!

Trice Nagusara Nivea Sun 08

And for your kids who are too excited to swim or play outside, NIVEA came up with adorable and easier way to let kids know the effect of not wearing sunscreen after prolonged sun exposure: the NIVEA dolls!

Trice Nagusara Nivea Sun 12

These dolls are made with UV-sensitive material that makes them turn red when exposed to harsh rays without sunscreen – this shows skin’s reaction towards the sun when left unprotected. So by putting NIVEA sunscreen to its skin, its skin color will be back to its normal shade. Through this, kids will learn how to keep their skin protected!

Trice Nagusara Nivea Sun 10

NIVEA also offers different types of sunscreen and other products such as NIVEA Sun Protect and Light Feel Invisible Sun Mist for silky, smooth and refreshing feel even when under the sun; NIVEA Sun Protect and White that has Active Whitening Complex to lighten the skin and prevent uneven skin tone; NIVEA Sun Kids for your kids’ sensitive skin; NIVEA Sun Protect and Bronze Spray for amazing sun-kissed glow and a natural, even tan; and NIVEA Sun Cooling After Sun Spray to cool, soothe and restore your skin moisture after prolonged sun exposure. These products, even the one I mentioned that I used, are all water resistant and non-greasy, and has long-lasting protection and formulated for sensitive skin.

Trice Nagusara Nivea Sun 09

So whether you are at the beach, on a hike or trek or in a sports tournament under the sun, give your skin the protection and care that it deserves with NIVEA Sun products!

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