Time cannot be slowed down or repeated; it just continues to run no matter what happens unless a genius made time travelling come to life. Consequently, in each day of our everyday, we try our best to catch up and to be productive for us to pursue our goals and dreams. Because of this, adequate sleep has become increasingly difficult to attain notably when we bring our work at home, which results to traces of fatigue on our face considering that skin’s natural repair process is more active at night during our sleep. Although sleep deprivation can have a profound effect on skin health, one research showed that by identifying and boosting the enzymes responsible for skin repair, it can somehow decelerate the skin aging process. And because I am guilty of not getting enough sleep everyday, I looked for the right and perfect night cream that can help me prevent skin aging and dryness, and that when Olay Regenerist’s Overnight Miracle products caught my attention.

Trice Nagusara Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-essence and the Olay Regenerist

I have heard a lot of good things about Olay from my mom and aunts: it is effective, it really softens the skin and it brings back the natural glow of the skin. Of course, at that time, I am not yet aware of how important applying facial creams and moisturizers, but now that I know, this brand was what I immediately looked for in the mall.

Some of you might be wondering why I am using anti-aging cream as early as now; that is because skin starts to age as early as your 20s especially when exercising bad habits.

Trice Nagusara Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-essence and the Olay Regenerist

Going back, the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream are what I am currently using in particular. They contain 2x advanced anti-aging actives that can penetrate the skin 10-layers deep to provide 1.5x hydration. It is said that in just five nights, the skin’s natural repair process is boosted by 60% when you use both products together. To be honest, at first, I am kind of doubtful and a bit hesitant as I am afraid that my skin asthma might react, but when I tried it I was surprised how my skin felt soft and smooth when I woke up.

Trice Nagusara Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-essence and the Olay Regenerist

Here’s my every night routine: after washing my face and applying toner, the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-essence is the first one that I put on. Afterwards, I apply the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. The application of two products on face might give you a feeling of thickness and stickiness particularly when you have oily skin, but I think there is nothing to be bothered about if you are only using it at night. However, better result may appear when used every morning and night, but because I have oily skin, I find it hard to use it during daytime as it made my skin oilier.

As mentioned, just after your first application, you can already feel that your skin is getting softer, but after five days or a week, you can already see and feel the result of smoother, glowing skin! Even my friends noticed how my skin changed and kept asking me on what I did and used.

Overall, I am really happy with the result and I love that it does not contain strong chemicals that might trigger my skin asthma.

Availability and Pricing:
The Olay Overnight Miracle products are avialble at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence – Php1,399
Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream – Php1,699

Shot by Seph Cham